Ad Astra Shipbuilders

As the single largest MegaCorp designing, building, and selling starships, Ad Astra is the name every starship captain looks for. Founded in FY 84, Ad Astra has been the industry leader, holding patents on all the revolutionary designs, securing contracts with Spacefleet to defend the Frontier, and linking our proud star systems with everything from space stations to luxury liners to commercial star craft. We stand proudly behind everything we make - from the state-of-the art Void Field generators we employ all the way down to our escape pods.

We at Ad Astra Shipbuilders would like to welcome the citizens of the Frontier to our central database. Here you will find all public domain information on our most successful designs. It is a service we offer to those thinking of going into ship design themselves, or for the timid traveller looking for handy travel guides the next time he, she, or id is thinking of boarding passage. For your convenience, you can also find all Ad Astra deckplans available at any user terminal onboard any of our vessels. Just ask one of the flight attendants!

Thank you for your interest in Ad Astra. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on the designs you see here, please feel free to contact us at: Ad Astra Engineering

Starship Deckplans Database

Support Equipment for Ships

Assault Scout Pegasus Class - hull size 3

Freighter - hull size 6
as featured in the SFPBEM game as the FCS Glenna's Gambit

Luxury Spaceliner Athena Class - hull size 17

Agricultural Starship: Arbor Class - hull size 20 COMING SOON!

Mining Starship: Midas Class - hull size 20 COMING SOON!

Assault Carrier: Sagittar Class - hull size 17 COMING SOON!