Star Frontiers was a role-playing game put out by TSR in the 80's and, following the tradition of any quality product in this insane market-economy world, was discontinued. For years now it's been played by a group of over 3 dozen friends of mine and it came to be more of an institution than just a game - we grew up playing it.

On January 28, 1995 my close friend and collaborator, James McCameron, died unexpectedly at the age of 25. He was not only a creative genius and entrancing storyteller, but a man of immeasurable mirth and sensitivity. From the days of our childhood to when he left us, he could paint a mental picture so colorful and lifelike that our imaginations were transported elsewhere. When I think of Star Frontiers I think of was his universe and I like to think that I can visit him from time to time when I go there. This site is in memory of him in hopes others will share the joy we felt with this game.

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