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The Star Frontiers Virtual Science Project

I think the main reason people play rpg's is to think, imagine, and take part in adventure. To this end I have recognized several topics in my studies that can be adapted for use as puzzles inside the rpg framework. Imagine the next time your 4th level computer-expert Dralasite tries to hack into a computer and your faced with a logic puzzle based on real circuits principles! At SciCon 99 I leveled such problems at the players and after a short learning period they were beating every puzzle I threw at them! The look of pride as they felt ownership of the accomplishments in the game was priceless! Those guys were using their heads and feeling what it was like to do all the work their characters were doing. Very amazing. Below are some of the puzzle systems I've worked out for use with SF rules. Every one of them can be plopped into a game with ease and only requires a little work on the GM's part to make sure he/she has solutions worked out for every puzzle beforehand and can work through them for the players.

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