James McCameron Star Frontiers Archive

Frontier Economy

Economy    Purchase Price  Sell Price                                                              
A       price - 10%     price + 10%
B       price - 5%      price + 5%
C       standard        standard
D       price + 5%      price - 5%
E       price + 10%     price - 10%

System Planet PR Pop Trade Economy Satellites Moons Uses Araks Hentz Y Hvy I C FSS,DS,TS None Athor Yast Y Mod A B None Exib A Ime None Cassidine Rupert's Hole H Mod IA C ASS,TS None Triad * Hvy IT C ASS,DS EvergleemC Devco Cass Co Lt R A None None Dixon's Star Laco H Mod I C None Saucer None Dramune Inner Reach D Mod AI D ASS,TS Pell A Outer Reach * Mod IR B ASS,RSS Kard R Tars R Etric None Tolk None Fromeltar Groth D Lt A C ASS None Terledrom D/V Hvy I C ASS Wikk C Leen I Masg None Gruna Garu Hargut Y Hvy BR E ASS Trefrom C K'aken-Kar Ken'zah-Kit V Mod A C FSS None Kizk'-Kar Zik-Kit V Mod IR C ASS,TS None K'tsa-Kar Kawdl-Kit V Lt E A ASS,RSS None Liberty Snowball Spec. Lt E C Special Akhala C Lynchpin Moonworld H Hvy M D SF,DS Pen C Ringold R Dillon B HachimanM Ares M Huan-Ti M Huitz M Nuada M Enlil M Madderly's Star Kdikit H Mod IA E SF,DS,TS Shang-TiI Tsukiy None Zeus None Jupiter B Odin None Mechan Mechano Me Hvy IT C None None New Streel Corpco Co Lt AT A None None Pan-Gal Exodus Co Mod IT C None None Genesis Co Out E B None Asperon M Belv E Prenglar Gran Quivera * Hvy BI C FSS None Morgaine's WorldH Mod BIA C SF,DS,RSS,TS Grey R Gold None White M Black None Rhianna Alcazzar Co Lt R C None A1-7 ? Scree Fron Hakosoar Y Mod AI A None Inti E Infi R Histran Y Out E C None A-G None Solar Major Ringar V Mod B C None None Solar Minor Circe H/V Lt A D RSS,ASS UlysseusM Kir'-Kut H/V Lt I C TS None Sundown Starmist * Out E B None None Theseus Minotaur H Hvy BI C FSS None Timeon Lossend H Lt AI C ASS None Tristkar Kraatar V/H Lt AIT E None Tivalla None Setarz None Truane's Star New Pale H Lt A C ASS None Pale * Hvy IR C SF,DS,TS Dan C Joe M Sven None Waller Nexus Mahg Mar * Out E C None None White Light Gollywog H Hvy R A SF,DS None Zebulon Anker * Mod E C RRS Plato None Volturnus * Lt BI B ASS Leo None Lulu None Capella Faire If Mod B C DS Astraa A Flaund None Homeworld If Mod A C TS Bigoo I Haasan None Kleevor M Ifshna If Mod BT C RRS None Cryxia Pi'Ka'Nair * Hvy A A None Bu'd None T'zaan * Mod A C TS None Fochrik Forge Hu Hvy I B None Anvil M Hum Hu Hvy R C TS Kran C Gluk M Clud None Larg Hu Mod RI E None None Kazak Stenmar * Mod RA C DS,RSS Brount M Bernt M Bilf None Brumt M Klaeok Point Go * Lt R C DS,TS None Osak Fhold O Out M D None None Osaka O Hvy I C FSS,DS Obladee C Ontair R Octon B Onmar None Piscatien O/If Out E C None None Reanee * Mod B B None None Wonma * Lt AT C ASS Weskin E Weot None

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