Photo Scrapbook

Two solid days of gaming with Star Frontiers! People from all over the country meeting face-to-face for the first time. FrontierCon was a weekend to remember. Here are some photos for all the rest of you to finally know us by. We hope we can see and meet more of the Frontier community soon.

Brad McMillan oversees his adventure "The Salvage of the Harlequin." No aphids in this game, fortunately, but a twist to the game comes when half the players are corporate agents and half are military. Instant drama!
Joe McKeon and Dean Bailey. They're smiling, so it must be the start of a game!
Gary Hart deploys his escort ships as he and Clark Valentine try to get their convoy through enemy territory. Andy Campbell, the referee, looks on and contemplates the deaths of 1500 civilians as each ship is destroyed.
Alan Isom listens as Gary Hart describes the size of the TD-20 charge he'd like to use in the game "Kidnapped". Not included here is the picture of his face when the TD-20 ends up being regular silly putty.
Frank Patnaude ponders his next move in the game "Kidnapped". Notice the half-dozen Sathar miniatures hidden behind my GM's screen, waiting to be used!
Jason Hawkes leaps into action. His character, the dedicated Vrusk scientist Ziska, ended up bagging more bad guys in one fire-fight than the rest of the team combined!
The players from the game "Kidnapped" (l to r): Alan Isom, Frank Patnaude, Gary Hart (standing), Joe McKeon, and Jason Hawks.
Joe McKeon scrambles to solve a complicated lock-puzzle that will allow him and his team-mates to escape their prison. Too bad I made it WAAAAY too hard. Joe did his best and eventually solved another, more realistic puzzle. Sorry, Joe!
History in the making! Five of the crew members of the FCS Glenna's Gambit, from the online PBEM game I host "Life in the Space Lanes". (l to r) Gary Hart (S'Hill the Osakar co-pilot), Dean Bailey (Hera the Human pilot and Captain), Joe McKeon (Jack the Human astrogator and mentalist), and Brad McMillan (Quaroek the Yazirian engineer). Standing behind them is me, Albin Johnson, ref of the game and the alter ego of Jek Burton the Human cargo chief.
(l to r) Gary Hart and Brad McMillan
(l to r) Jason Hawkes and David Little
(l to r) Andy Campbell, Frank Patnaude, and Troy Cheatham
Andy Campbell plays Stallone and Gary Hart plays Riggs from Lethal Weapon in Clark Valentine's Adventure "Kill the Bad Guy, Rescue the Girl, Save the World"
This is the map of the bad guy's complex in "Kill the Bad Guy..." This is just as our team of screen star heroes arrive on the scene.
Here is the same map after the bloody battle - notice the plethora of bodies. Also notice the Dralasite in the middle of the group of heroes - that's Joe McKeon's character 'Ahnold' the unstoppable juggernaut with a laser cannon mini I found perched on his shoulder. Very impressive, Joe!
Clark Valentine, relishing the destruction hewrought as referee in his game...
The entire crew of FrontierCon 2001. Back row (l to r): Joe McKeon, Troy Cheatham, Barbara Little, Alan Isom (middle row l to r): Clark Valentine, Gary Hart, David Little, Frank Patnaude, Albin Johnson, Dean Bailey (front row l to r): Brad McMillan, Andy Campbell, Vandi Williams, Jason Hawkes

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