Current List of Games to be run at Frontier Con

Adventure 1: Into the Light (Part II of "The Horror Beyond" series)

By Vandi Williams (with Brad McMillan)

Game system: SF2K (Jan. 2001 release)
Number of player slots: Any (ideally 6-8)
House Rules: No need to buy equipment
Character Generation Rules: SF2K
Estimated length of Time: 8-10 Hours
Pre-Gens: Will be provided

(Given the nature of this series, teasers are kept deliberately short to
avoid revealing too much information!)

You've unwittingly activated an ancient Clikk device on a forgotten world.
Now, in a realm of twilight and shadows, the Clikks have returned and are
bent on creating their own version of reality, and you're a part of their
plans. Can you outwit your insidious captors? Can you stop them from
fulfilling their twisted designs? Can you escape from this strange new realm
and make it back INTO THE LIGHT?

Adventure 2: Fire in the Sky

A Knight Hawks Adventure By Andy Campbell

System:     KnightHawks
Players:    2-15
House Rules:    These scenarios take place many years before the SW II era depicted in the
standard KH rules;  extensive house  rules and some custom tech will be used and will be
provided via email to players prior to the con.
Characters: None required (personalities of the era will be depicted but roleplaying stats will
not be required/used). 
Duration:   2-15 hours
Note:       "Fire in the Sky" is a series of five KnightHawks scenarios linked to form a
complete campaign.  Each scenario can be played seperately, is designed for 2-3 players and can
be expected to run about 2-4 hours.  Earlier scenarios in the campaign will play out more
quickly than later scenarios.

RECORD HEADER:  Excerpt from a speech to the Frontier Assembly on Gran 
Quivera, by Ambassador Rozestvenski of the Truane's Star Republic
RECORD TEXT:In the 8 years since an alien invasion fleet was driven off from 
Volturnus, the Truane's Star Navy has kept the peace in the Zebulon Arm of 
the Frontier.  Let the other worlds talk of forming a new "federation of 
planets" - history has proven that might, not diplomacy, will bring the 
colonies of the Frontier together under strong new leadership.

Two decades ago, the Frontier was threatened by a pirate armada assembled by 
Hatzck Naar.  Did Pan-Galactic Corporation's mighty Defense Fleet rise to the 
challenge and eradicate this threat to the Frontier's planets?  No - only 
after Frontier planets assembled their own Common Muster was the threat to 
peace removed.  

After the crisis ended, only Pale and a few other planets were foresighted 
enough to organize their militia into a standing navy.  The rest still 
blindly trusted PGC to defend them from external threats.  In the years 
since, Truane's Star has proven the wisdom of maintaining its navy - 
absorbing New Pale into the Truane's Star Republic;  founding a new colony on 
Volturnus;  crushing the rogue pirate government of Laco in the Dixon's Star 
system;  and fighting off aggressor ships from PGC attempting to interfere 
with Truane's Star trade.

Truane's Star may have its critics on the Frontier, but few risk voicing 
their empty accusations in public - and none would dare to oppose the 
Truane's Star Navy on the field of battle.

Those reports of strange ships sighted in the outer reaches of Zebulon's Arm 
systems?  Just rumors - probably pirates or PGC-funded privateers;  it is 
only a matter of time before the TSN roots them out once and for all.  For 19 
years the TSN has defended the Truane's Star Republic from all enemies 
foreign and domestic.  This is a duty the Navy will continue to fulfill - 
against any conceivable enemy that cares to sacrifice its ships to the TSN's 
guns.  Any captains who stand against us will find only FIRE IN THE SKY.

Adventure 3: "Crisis on Clarion"

by Andy Campbell

System:     SF 2000 (January 2001 revision)
Players:    4-8
House Rules:    House rules for damage (hit location effects) will be in effect;  these will be
provided at con and will be available via email to players prior to the con.  Custom tech items
will also be used (details provided at con).
Characters: Designed to be run with pregenerated PC's due to the nature of the scenario;
players may request exceptions prior to the con from the GM at
Duration:   6-10 hours (estimated)

"Good evening - this is Yakub ap-Noris reporting for FNN... Top story 
tonight: the unthinkable has happened on Clarion - a coup led by the planet's 
leading genetics researcher has toppled the centuries-old ruling family of 

Professor Karza, one of the most brilliant medical minds of the Frontier, 
first rose to prominence with the creation of the "Body Lottery", a program 
designed to offer advanced medical treatments to the poor of Clarion using a 
lottery to allot limited medical resources. Despite rumors that the lottery 
was fixed and in fact biased towards the wealthier noble families of Clarion, 
Karza gained immense popularity among the general population and members of 
both the 100-seat Parliament and the People's Assembly. 

Recent unrest related to the embargo against the Streel Corporation and the 
alienation of the people from the monarchy have strengthened Karza's position 
as head of the Royal University in Valentina, which has administered the Body 
Lottery. Karza broke with the monarchy just last year, openly criticizing the 
Royal Family and several leading noble houses for high taxation of the poor 
and limited funding for health care. 

With the death just days ago of King Leotus XIX, Karza joined opposition 
leaders in Parliament calling for an end to the monarchy. Less than 12 hours 
ago, reports from FNN correspondents in the capital city Valentina reported 
that Liberation Party forces had seized the Parliament building and were 
fighting to take control of the sprawling royal palace. 

Rumors indicate that the heir to the throne, Leotus' daughter Leotia XX - 
popularly known by her birth name "Mari" - has been spirited out of the 
Throne City along with her half-brother Argon by the Royal Guard. Loyal 
factions of the Clarion Royal Militia are believed to be trying to smuggle 
Leotia and Argon off-planet for fear of reprisals.  Unconfirmed reports 
indicate that Professor Karza has been awarded the honorary title of "Baron" 
in an emergency session of Parliament and nominated as de facto ruler until a 
new government can be chosen. Some observers believe Karza's Liberation Party 
backers' next step may be to vote him dictator for life. 

For now, the rest of the Frontier can only watch and wait..."

Adventure 4: Kill the Bad Guy, Rescue the Girl, Save the World

By Clark Valentine
Rules System: SF2K (January 10 2001 release)
Other optional rules: Albin Johnson's martial arts rules, modified melee
weapons rules, some goofy action-hero schticks
Player slots: 5 (I can add one or two more if there's a lot of interest)
Playing time: 2 hours  (This is a silly pulp adventure intended to fill in
some spare time over the Con)
PC generation: Pregenerated PCs only (will be provided)

Place: Port Loren, Gran Quivera
Time: FY 50, a warm summer evening

Your old friend, scientist Dr. Felix Greton, calls you to report a terrible
occurence:  His beautiful daughter has been kidnapped!  To make matters
worse, she is also a scientist and is the only person alive who knows the
secret of the Sub Atomic Particle Oscillator - a terrible new weapon with
the potential to devastate the Frontier!  Of course, Dr. Greton suspects his
longtime scientific rival Dr. Pelam Kronn, a brilliant Yazirian madman with
no morals and limitless ambition...

Can you Kill the Bad Guy, Rescue the Girl, and Save the World?

(Do NOT expect a "serious" gaming experience, just a lot of gunplay,
action-hero roleplaying, and hopefully lots of laughs.)

Adventure 5: Salvage of the Harlequin

By Brad McMillan

Ten years ago, a corporate research vessel, The FCS Harlequin, disappeared
on a deep-space exploration assignment. Subsequent investigation of its last
known coordinates turned up no evidence of wreckage or any indication of
where it might have gone. After several months of searching, the starship
was declared lost.

A month ago, long-range scanners on the Rim picked up a damaged and drifting
starship hulk on the fringes of Frontier space. Sensor information has
identified the vessel as the Harlequin. Sensors also confirmed energy
signatures on the starship, despite its damaged condition.

You are part of a team of corporate scientists and Starfleet personnel who
have been tasked with examining the Harlequin and determining if it is safe
to bring back into the Frontier. If possible, you are also tasked with
finding out exactly what happened to the starship. Ten years is a long
time...anything could have happened to her.

Time: approximately 2 hours
Characters: pre-gens will be provided
Rules System: SF2000

Adventure 6: Adrift / 'La Femme Nikita'

By Jason Hawkes


For 1 or 2 players.

Setting:  The Battle of Zebulon at the beginning of
SWII.  The Sathar feint turned out to be a devestating
blow to UPF forces.  Fleeing the carnage in a damaged
fighter (single-seater or two-seater), the characters are
chased by Sathar vessels in a hair raising escape
from destruction.  But evading the pursuit is just the
first nightmare in this odessy of survival.  Oxygen is
running low and a safe haven must be found before
time runs out... 

1/2 Pre-Gens ONLY.  That is - skills are pre-set
as players are recent Gollwin Academy grads,
but race and abilities can be chosen.  No shopping
for equipment necessary as standard fighter pilot
gear is handed out.

Mr. Retro rules - out of the box AD and KH rules
with special puzzles.

It's an all day job.  The first scenario is a critical puzzle
that is designed to be REPLAYED should the players
fail.  It is an active, fluid, changing puzzle that takes 
about an hour to play in an of itself.

BONUS:  Two optional endings: Can be closed out
at the Con or continued as  PBeM.


"La Femme Nikita" Campaign

A series of short original adventures inspired by
the TV show.  Ever wonder what caused that hydra
to attack the zoo keeper?  You could find out if you
ran this series of little adventures.  Has a Mission 
Impossible theme, but with less glitz and grandure.  
These adventures are tougher than the ADRIFT 
adventure.  They emphasize not only puzzle solving,
but also judgement.  Characters won't be much on
paper because skills won't save your life in these
adventures - only quick thinking, clever insights and
nerves of steel will get you out alive.

WARNING: may require being finished as a PBeM.

Characters:  Stock AD characters.  No shopping for
equipment.  Equipment is handed out specific to 
character skills, mission objectives, and
ENCUMBERANCE restrictions (characters will never
carry more kg than 1/2 their strength). 

Mr Retro is using straight out of the box AD and KH
rules again for the base.  This game is HEAVILY 
augmented by CUSTOM puzzles, maps, and specialized
character equipment. Knowing how to read the maps
and how to get the equipment to work to solve the
puzzles is part of the challenge.  Most KH action is
"in vacuum" but not "spaceship combat."

The whole series is 5 or 6 major encounter segments
long.  While any encounter segment can be played as
an isolated mission, the fit nicely together as a campaign.
Of course, we'd be hard pressed to run 6 missions in a day.


Final Disclaimer:

These adventures are really difficult.  Those players
not willing to accept a failure or setback in one segment,
and move on to recoup their losses and forge ahead 
in another segment, really shouldn't be signing up.

For all submissions, questions, comments, etc contact AL JOHNSON at

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