Detachment 2551 : A Star Frontiers Adventure

Detachment 2551 Clue Sheet

For the benefit of the newer people, here is a complete list of people
encountered or rumored about in the game so far:
Jurgen Saribalis - executive in PGC in the Resources and Materials Research
Division. Hired both Det2551 and Det2490. Both missions have been
reported missing or renegade. Saribalis is also head of a network of
companies leading back to moon 'G'. Saribalis bought out Insidion corp,
the company that found the moon 'G' virus and used it for commercial
purposes, after a mysterious accident befell the CEO of the company.
Dr. Invax T'Prinna - a famous Vrusk geophysicist; authority on various
materials and their values as superconductors when altered into different
states. Hired by PGC to conduct research at the Calas installation on moon
'G' in the Scree Fron system, which he helped found on 1070817. Official
records reveal no facilities there for conducting such elaborate research,
although there is an orbiting space station named Osiris that purportedly
serves as an astronomical observatory. Dr. T'Prinna has always been
referred to as a kook and a raving unconventional genius in the same
breath. His disenchantment with the Frontier scientific community drove
him into private work until approached by PGC. The activity on moon 'G'
has come under suspicion lately by the Histran government, which claims PGC
is effecting a blackout of the area. Some say that contact has been lost
with the facility.


Dr. Merma Gayam - a Dralasite virologist with the PGC's exploration
division. Currently conducting follow-up research on the microbial life of
the moon 'G' orbiting Histran in the Scree Fron system. Also missing since
the blackout of moon 'G' by the Pan Galactic Corporation.

Yardua Kal-Kree - a Yazirian from Histran with a service record as an
officer in Space Fleet, was hand-picked by Saribalis to head the Calas
project five years ago. Serves as senior executive and General Manager
of the Calas project. He handles all administrative work for PGC,
including hiring of personnel. The research team investigating the virus
fell under his authority. Also runs the Clastid Quarriers excavation
company owned by PGC.

Yardua's personal staff:
Braxlan Loonis (y,m)
Jake Gunnheim (h,m)
Danus Kadeira (y,m)

Saribalis' Illegal Network
Clastid Quarriers - PGC-owned - managed by Yardua Kal-Kree - based in Scree Fron
(buys superconductor components from Orto)
Orto Developers - based in Araks
(buys real estate from Muurancha)
Muurancha Insurance Group - Hooris-owned - based in Gruna-Garu
(buys cybernetics equipment from Taggis)
Taggis Financial Consulting - based in Timeon
(buys pharmaceuticals from Insidion)
Insidion Research - taken over by Saribalis, clearing house for his Tsorium
virus research - based in Prenglar
- endpoint for the Saribalis money-laundering & black market
network, receives money through the pipe

Detachment 2490 - the first group of operatives sent by Saribalis to moon
'G' in Scree Fron. Made it as far as Scree Fron aboard the FCS Lacien,
only to have their ship destroyed and left as a floating derelict.

Crew of the F.C.S. Lacien:
Chong Li - male Human - Flight Surgeon
Kitra Dukane - female Vrusk - Master Technician
Lance Danner - male Human - Tactical Technician
Novus Tolemny - male Ifshnit - Surface Reconaissance
Krado Phaphyrd - male Yazirian - Security Escort
Kit Freela - male Yazirian - Pilot

All were found dead onboard the Lacien except Phaphyrd and Tolemny. they
are currently missing


Crimson Pirates - powerful criminal organization spanning the Yazirian arm
of Frontier space
- made up predominantly of Yazirians, stationed aboard a hollowed-out
asteroid named Charon Tavis that roves the spacelanes looking for ships to
prey upon

Gardus Ch' Holo - one of the top leaders of the infamous Crimson Pirates,
he is as concerned about religious activity as he is of StarLaw. Others in
his organization do not share his concern and want him to stick to
business. His vessel has long watched the Calas project from afar, his eye
for detail telling him something was going on there. Killed on Exib while
delivering the Kohinoor to Cymon Ak-Barruda. Replaced by Chamra.

Chamra - current leader of Crimson Pirates. Fought to keep the Doghan from
taking over their space station, Charon Tavis, but failed. Led several
dozen of his faithful men in a convoy to moon 'G' to fight in the last
battle. Last seen fighting off unmarked militia ships that attacked the
convoy upon entering Scree Fron space. Current whereabouts unknown.

Hooris Clan - colors bright orange - mysterious, secretive clan - regarded
more as a cult - known to train superb assassins and rumored to work in
conjunction with powerful offworld interests - superstitions abound among
other Yazirians that their members cannot die and in fact aren't even
It is a sect, more like an outcast tribe that is scattered throughout
Yazirian space but centered on Exib. It definitely has ties to the Den
Qritsa and the Den religion of Amradar. The organization is not
homogenously religious - it has an impressive array of holdings and
businesses that funnel money into the cult itself. Primary among its
holdings is Muurancha Insurance Group, based on Gruna Garu and receiving
valuable cybernetics equipment through the black market. The cybernetics
are used to modify the Doghan warriors.

Dr. Hramoraadis (Hram) Leinso - renegade Yazirian archaeologist
specializing in the myths and legends of ancient Yazirian history. In
1000930 he left the University of Yast to pursue work on the legend of the
Dens and the Den Qritsa. With a small team of assistants he is camped out
on moon 'G' to explore the myths of Amradar. His camp was attacked and
left for destroyed by Clastid Quarriers men.

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