Pan Galactic Corporation - Special Operations Division
Personnel Database - Dossier 234F3DD-83AK : DET2551
Player Name - Chance (
Character Name - Kanditzex, V'Sndyk
Sex / Race - Male Vrusk
Age - 25
Handedness - ambidextrous
System & Planet of Origin - planet Zik-Kit, Kizk'-Kar system
Frontier Status - citizen of Zik-Kit
Profession - Techex
Occupational Standing - freelance, currently Master Technician for PGC
on Detachment 2551 aboard the F.C.S. Vercingetorix
Appearance - blue carapace with bright orange near the joints
Current Stamina - 40
Other Injuries - none, anti-shock implant
Racial Abilities - ambidexterity, comprehension 15%

Physical Attributes
STR/STA - 40/40
DEX/RS - 45/52
INT/LOG - 70/70
PER/LDR - 50/50
IM/PS - 4/3

Skills / Levels -
Computers: Access & Operate - 2
Comp: Bypass Security - 3
Comp: Defeat Security - 4
Comp: Display Info -3
Comp: Interface - 2
Comp: Program Manipulation - 2
Comp: Repair Mainframe -2
Comp: Write Programs - 1
Comp: Program Bodycomp - 1
Comp: Repair Specialized - 1
Machinery: Operate - 1
Machinery: Repair - 1
Robotics: Activate & Operate - 1
Rob: Alter Functions - 1
Rob: Alter Mission - 1
Rob: List Functions - 1
Rob: Modifications - 1
Rob: Remove Security Locks - 1
Rob: Repair - 1
Security Systems: Open Locks - 2
Vehicles: Machinery - 1
Vehicles: Repair - 1
Weapons: PGS - 3
Weapons: Melee - 1
Ship Onboard Systems Operations (SOSO) - 1

Experience Points - see XP log
Credits - 153
Assetts -

Languages -
Vrusk 5
Pan-Gal 4
Dralasite (common) 2

Licenses / Permits -
Weapons / Ammo -
(see hitsheet)
Defenses / Remaining -
(see hitsheet)
Equipment -
(see hitsheet)

Vehicles -
Robots -
Computers - memory module with data from OTTO, progit w/
deciphering program, tracking device (rectangular black plate with five
lights connected to a wrist band) keyed to Berdax' location.

Background -
V'Sndyk was raised in the Kanditzex hive on Zik-Kit in the Kizk'-Kar system. The Kanditzex hive was a proud community, influential on Zik-Kit due to success of the mining empire it founded and controlled. V'Sndyk was born to Tardix and Vreesa, refining engineers of the Kanditzex middle caste. The parents were quick to urge V'Sndyk into the family business. After all, what was more important than the hive? And being from the middle caste had its privileges. But for every thousand Vrusk that felt a binding loyalty to further the company of their hive, there is the odd one that breaks the cycle to enterprise on his or her own.

V'Sndyk was such.

For most of his adolescence and early adulthood V'Sndyk worked hard to earn the attention of his hive for the day when he could join the workforce. Technology in the Frontier was always advancing, and the company that kept up with it would prosper, so he threw himself into his studies, exploring computers, robotics, and heavy machinery. The beauty of technology intrigued him...the perfect patterns of progit circuit boards, the rigid logic of voluminous algorithms, the animated glow of a Johnson energy field. V'Sndyk seemed bound for greatness in the Hive.

Then came the U.P.F. heavy cruiser, the Fridegn, on a refueling stop-over to the Armored Space Station orbiting Zik-Kit. V'Sndyk and several other promising young Vrusk were invited aboard for a tour. It was there V'Sndyk had his epiphany. Huge engines capable of hurling a starship into an enigmatic Void, computer systems so complex as to calculate the mathematics of the physically impossible, and robots far more advanced than the simple-minded mining robots to which he was accustomed. It was more than he could've imagined. And he had to see more...

Two days later, V'Sndyk was still exploring the wonders of the ship, having long since broken from the tour group and unwittingly stowed away. The Fridegn had already departed Zik-Kit when a technician found him hunched over a power console in a service corridor. The captain, though furious, abstained from ejecting him into space and instead shipped him home to stand trial for unlawfully boarding a Federation starship. V'Sndyk's sentence was commuted but in the eyes of the Hive he was finished. There was no room for dereliction of duty, no excuse for leaving your post at the company, whatever the reason. This one act showed him to be flawed and unusable. Management teams were no longer interested in him, fellow workers ignored him.

He was now lower caste.

This made no sense. In the face of pure scientific investigation, how could he be guilty of anything so wrong? Surely his motives redeemed him. For the first time in his life, V'Sndyk lost his faith in the meticulous rules of the Hive. He could no longer bear to work for an institution that rigidly punished curiosity. His life here was over. It was time to start anew. Out there, on the Frontier, he would pursue his passion for the ephemeral art of technology and strike his fortune on his own.

The following weeks saw V'Sndyk chartering a flight aboard a Trans-Travel passenger ship and using his life savings to reach the Prenglar system. Surely there, at the hub of the galaxy, there would be a vessel that would have need of a junior technician. Apprenticeship aboard a big Mega Corp ship would be the start he needed...

Mannerisms: V'Sndyk is quiet and speculative. His eyes take in every detail, carefully weighing what he sees. His overriding goal is to see the galaxy, observe and learn from wherever possible, all in the hopes of knowing all there is to know about technology so that he can one day form his own company. He admires the Dralasites after becoming acquainted with them in trade between his company and the Fromeltar system. He admires there dedication to knowledge and ideas and hopes to use this mental discipline in his own studies.

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