Player Name - Joe (
Character Name - Darik Gashere / Tiberius Grogan
Sex / Race - human male
Age - 36
Handedness - left
System & Planet of Origin - planet Minotaur in the Theseus system
Frontier Status - citizen of Minotaur, wanted felon in three systems, alias Tiberius ‘Ty’ Grogan
Profession - Spacer
Occupational Standing - freelance smuggler
Appearance - caucasian, 6’1”, medium build, sandy blonde hair and green eyes
Current Stamina - 70
Other Injuries - none
Racial Abilities - none

Physical Attributes
STR/STA - 70/70
DEX/RS - 45/45
INT/LOG - 60/60
PER/LDR - 40/40
IM/PS - 5/4

Skills / Levels -
Star Pilot 1 - 4
Star Pilot 2 - 2
Star Pilot : Increase Accuracy of F.F. Weapons - 3
Star Pilot : Void Transit - 3
Pressure Suit: Operate - 1
Sensor Ops - 1
Ship Onboard Systems Operations - 1
Engineer: Damage Control - 4
Engineer: Stress Analysis - 2

Astrophysics - 1
Communication Devices: Operate - 1
Computers: Access & Operate - 1
Computers: Display Information - 1
Computers: Program Manipulation - 1
Engineering: Mechanical - 1
Engineering: Nuclear - 1
Engineering: Alternate Energy: 1
Engineering: Military: 1
Engineering: Hydraulic: 1
Machinery: Operate - 1
Machinery: Repair - 1
Mathematics - 1
Medical: Wounds 1 - 1
Physics - 3
Vehicles: Atmospheric - 2
Vehicles: Machinery - 1
Appraisals - 4
Bluff - 3
Body Speak - 1
Entertaining (Gambling) - 66
Forgery (to detect) - 3
Haggling - 1
Security: Open Locks - 2
Weapons: Beam - 3
Weapons: PGS - 2

Languages -
Human (Modern) 5
Human (Sub-Cult) 5
Pan-Gal 4
Yazirian (Gnarsh) 2
Vrusk 2

Experience Points - see XP log
Credits - 225
Assetts -
gambling debts on six worlds
some hidden booty on various worlds

Licenses / Permits -
Starship Pilot’s License Class 2

Weapons / Ammo -
(see hitsheet)

Defenses / Remaining -
(see hitsheet)

Equipment -
(see hitsheet)

Vehicles -
Robots -
Computers -

Background - Criminal record:
smuggling contraband across systems
possession of illegal firearms
possession of illegal technological devices
possession of illegal explosives
possession of illegal controlled substances (contested)
gun-running in war zones, in violation of UPF non-interference mandates
kidnapping of a provincial governor’s daughter
theft of a space vessel
reckless operation of a hull-size 3 space vessel within a planet’s atmosphere
wanted in the investigation of suspected trafficking of illegal controlled
substances on Exib, in the Athor system
defacement of a Starlaw vehicle

In his own words:
I grew up alone on the streets of Gran Quvera, My ol' man up'n died on me when I was 10. I learned fast just how hard life on the streets could be .(shows 5 inch vibroblade scar on upper chest) - heh -got that one fightin' over some dicarded food vouchers we found in a wrecked aircar at the junkyard.

I was lucky (if ya can call it that) to fall in with a couple of tough young Yazirian teens who taught me to fight and fend for myself. They were brothers, Farlac and Kreel. We spent a few years roamin' th' streets, learnin to use our brains as well as our fists ta get by. Kreel got hisself killed tryin ta pickpocket the wrong man. Things weren't the same after that. Farlac and I stowed away on a Starfreighter to the UPF run Starbase near Morgaine's world. There I learned to play the new UPF cadets for every credit they had. Hell, most of 'em never even new they were bein' conned.

Eventually I set my self up with a small ship and started running contraband back and forth to White Light. Farlac said it was too risky and decided to head back home. Last I heard he got hisself a little bar in Gran Quivera, Da Plutonium Nugget or some such thing.

So, I got myself this sweet little freighter, running "tax free" contraband into Clarion station. Drove the commander nuts - heh -he knew it was comin in but no matter how many times he tried , he jus' couldn't catch me with an illegal shipment. I had everything, a loyal (or so I thought) crew, a fine ship, and a lucrative buisness.

On one run through Prenglar, my first mate, a human by the name of "Weasel" McFarlane ,and I conned this one guy out of 30,000 cr . He got pissed and sent ol' Groo there out ta get me. Groogash and I got ta talkin' and we decided ta partner up. We've been to most of the systems on the Frontier at one time or another and we'd still be smugglin' still if it wasn't fer ol' Weasel.

Ya see, Weasel had fancied himself a better captain than me and had his beady little eye on my ship. He set me up and stranded Groo and I back there, took our ship, and framed us fer drug smugglin' Now I know ya think one smuggler's as bad as the next but tax evadin' and drug pushin are just two diffrent things.

I was on my way ta charter a ship ta go after 'im when I spotted that beastie followin Marcus an' Rubadel. Well, maybe not spotted, saw the looks on their faces is more like it. I waited for them ta pass and just fired on full power as soon as I thought it was near. Turns out I was right. Anyway, I'm with ya till we see this through but if I ever get the chance, well me and Groo, we got us a score ta settle with the weasel...

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