Detachment 2551

Vercingetorix Status Readout

Vessel: FCS Vercingetorix
Owner: Pan-Galactic Corporation
Captain Aboard: Tiberius Grogan
Home System: Prenglar
Age: Commision date f.y. 106 (5 years)
Crew: 7
Current Speed: sublight 8
Current Destination: Belnafaer system Current Location: Belnafaer system Crew Roster:

Vercingetorix image courtesy of Jeff Standish

Hull Size: 3
Engine Size and Type: Atomic - Size A
Number of Engines: 2
Fuel Carried: 3 Pellets
Last Overhaul: f.y. 1110935 Gulriddar Station
- Exib, Athor System
Last Maintenance: f.y. 1110935
- modification to subspace antenna array
- repair of onboard fire
Life Support Capacity
Main: 6
Back-Up: 6
Passenger Accomodations: Journey Class: 6

ADF: 5
MR: 4
DCR: 29
HP: 15-13
- Assault Rockets : (4-3-2-1)
- Laser Battery
- Reflective Hull
- Level 5 Cardlock at hatches
- Electrified Floor and Laser Rifle Turret in Access Hallway

Onboard Computer: 4th level OTTO series
- (Onboard Tactical & Telemetry Operations)
Communications Equipment: Subspace Radio
Robots: Hullbot Mark I
Cargo: none
Other Equipment: see manifest

Damage Report:
- OTTO tertiary motherboard requiring replacement
- secondary relays for subspace antenna array destroyed
- irregular current feedback in portside external information access port
- transponder signal does not match programmed parameters for mission
- secondary power in life support area destroyed - lighting out
- ship's ventilation system contaminated from smoke from fire
- advise changing air scrubs
- ventilation system out of order in port machinery room
- secondary and main power lost in port machinery room
- hit by laser battery - 2 hull points lost

Last updated: September 1, 1997
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