Pan Galactic Corporation - Special Operations Division
Personnel Database - Dossier 99283LS-92KS : DET2551
Player Name - Dean (
Character Name - Mrylinax, Dounlos Okiou Patrou
Sex / Race - Male Humma
Age - 64
Handedness - right
System & Planet of Origin - Larg, Fochrik System
Frontier Status - citizen of the planet Larg
Profession - Enforcer
Occupational Standing - freelance, currently Security Escort for PGC
on Detachment 2551 aboard the F.C.S. Vercingetorix
Appearance - height 2.7 meters, mass 138 kg.,
Like most Karpov-Gen [Produced Birth] (a young male) Humma, Mrylinax has light brown fur, which is only starting to take on a darker hue. However, traces of the black fur present on Pipo-Karpwn [Before Producing] (female Humma) are still evident on his chest and tail regions. His enormous size is even noticeable compared to other Hummas.
[White] webbed vest w/2 large black pouch pockets (for a Humma)
[Red] leggings w/[red] greeves, plasteel
[Red/White] cloak (doubles as bedroll/poncho)
Mrylinax wears a silver/onyx earring in his right ear and has three silver
tail rings. All of these ornimental objects bear the mark of his clan and
inside they have his full name engraved.
Current Stamina - 92
Other Injuries - none, anti-shock implant
Racial Abilities - spring charge, prehensile tail, poison resistance

Physical Attributes
STR/STA - 75/92
DEX/RS - 55/55
INT/LOG - 50/40
PER/LDR - 30/50
IM/PS - 6/5

Skills / Levels -
Weapons: Beam - 3
Weapons: Martial Arts - 4
Iron Fist
Front / Side Snap Kick
Open-Hand Block
Disarm Technique
Choke Hold Technique
Weapons: PGS - 4
Weapons: Demolitions - 3
Weapons: Repair - 2
Weapons: Missiles - 1
Weapons: Weightless Combat - 1
Computers: Acess & Oper. - 1
Security: Acesss & Oper. - 1
Security: Detect - 2
Security: Open Locks - 1
Security: Deactivate - 1
Medical: Wounds 1 - 1
Robotics: Identification - 1
Bodyspeak - 1 Ship Onboard Systems Opertions (SOSO) - 1

Languages -
Humma 5
PanGal 4
Yazirian (Argonian) 2

Experience Points - see XP log
Credits - 77
Assetts -

Licenses / Permits -

Weapons / Ammo -
(see hitsheet)

Defenses / Remaining -
(see hitsheet)

Equipment -
(see hitsheet)
Vehicles -
Robots -
Computers -

Background -
Mrylinax, Servant of the House of the Patrou is the PanGal translation of his name. He bore his child early in his life, and as was the custom of his household, left her in the family care while he went to seek a profession to support the House. Finding he was stronger than most of his kind, he sought after security positions in which he could learn to defend his House. After aonly two years, he hasd learned all he had desired and left the planet of his House, Larg, Fochrik, in search of a career. But in the last year, his position as a security guard for StarLane was lost when the company was bought out by the Mega-Corp Trans-Travel. He was given passage to the system of his choice as compensation for the job, and travled to Morgaine's World in hopes of finding a position again. But the lack of open jobs have caused him to sell much of his possessions just to keep living. . . Until this job from Pan-Galactic landed at his feet.

Mrylinax is very tempramental and doens't even know the meaning of tact. It is mostly this attitude that has kept him from finding any jobs. This is unfortunate because, despite his personality, he has experience in combat and can be an effective leader.

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