Pan Galactic Corporation - Special Operations Division
Personnel Database - Dossier 82992LA-25OC : DET2551

Name: Marcus Cole   Race/Sex: Male Human Age: 30 years, GST
Born: Stardate 0810520 on Solace, Laco
Planet and System of Origin: Laco, Dixon's Star
Frontier Status: citizen of planet Laco
Profession: Explorer
Occupational Standing: freelance, currently Reconaissance Scout for PGC on Detachment 2551 aboard the F.C.S. Vercingetorix
Hair: black  Eyes: brown Height: 1.83 m    Weight: 80.3 kg   
Physical Attributes
STR/STA: 40/40  PS: 2
DEX/RS : 74/45  IM: 5
INT/LOG: 55/60
PER/LDR: 30/42
Skill Current Rating XP for Next Level Advancement
P.G.S. Weapons 2 4
Melee Weapons 4 8
Martial Arts 2 4
Body Speak 1 2
Concealment 1 2
Find Direction 1 2
Society: Quatros 1 2
Stealth 2 4
Survival: Desert 1 2
Survival: Jungle 1 2
Tracking 2 4
Comm Devices: Operate 1 2
Comm Devices: Repair 1 2
Comp: Access and Operate 1 4
Vehicles: Atmospheric 1 4
Archaeology 2 8
Geology 2 4
Geophysics 2 4
Human (modern) 5 10
Human (sub-culture) 5 10
Pan-Gal 4 10
Yazirian (Gnarsh) 2 8
Experience Points: 12
Credits: 68  
Weapon Modifier Damage Ammo SEU Rate Defense PB Short Medium Long Extreme Mass Cost Location
auto pistol   1d10/5d10 20 rounds   3 (1) Inertia 0-5 6-15 16-30 31-60 61-150 2 kg 200  
laser pistol   1d10/SEU 20 SEU clip 1-10 2 Albedo 0-5 6-20 21-50 51-100 101-200 1 kg 600  
electrostunner   4d10 or stun 20 SEU clip 2 1 Gauss/A-S 0-5 6-10 11-15     1 500  
doze grenade   sleep 6   1 STA check 0-5 6-10 11-15 16-25 26-50   10  
tangler grenade   entanglement 1   1 RS check 0-5 6-10 11-15 16-25 26-60   25  
frag grenade   8d10 1   1 RS check 0-5 6-10 11-15 16-25 26-60   20  
caltrop grenade                            
katana +10 2d10       Inertia           2 kg    
bo staff           Inertia                
nightstick +5 2d10       Inertia           1 kg 20  
stunstick +5 3d10 or stun 20 SEU clip 2/hit   Gauss/A-S           1 kg 75  
knife +5 1d10       Inertia             10  
sonic sword +10 5d10 20 SEU clip 2/hit   Sonic           1 kg 300  
10 pistol bullet clips
13 SEU power clips
1 power backpack
1 military skiensuit - 50
albedo screen
Laconian riding cloak - a black, sleeveless cloak with two armholes; can be worn as either a coat or cloak; provides some protection from harsh weather conditions
geological c.a.s.
starlight optics
downlink nav. reciever
Toxy-Rad Gauge
Explorer Vest
PGC Coveralls (2)
PGC Duffle Bag
Explorer Boots
First Aid Pack
Pocket Tool
Survival Rations (5 days)
allweather blanket      
emergency beeper  
survival rations (10 days)
toxy-rad guage 
vitasalt pills 
water purifier
water pack
pair of binders
2 security badges - Gulriddar Port
2 security cardlock cards (red) - Gulriddar Port
Computers: computerized travel guide to the City of Gulriddar on the moon Exib orbiting Yast in the Athor system


Little is known about this PGC operative. It is believed that he was born on Laco, possibly to parents who were officers in the Spacefleet. Records from that planet's database are sketchy, but they indicate that Marcus Cole entered into the UPF Landfleet Academy at Laco and trained as a ranger. Subsequently he was assigned to one or more Spacefleet vessels where he led marine detachments on planetside exploration, reconnaisance, and assault missions. For reasons that are unclear, his Spacefleet dossiers have been classified as confidential. As the Spacefleet generally does not protect files of former personnel, this would seem to suggest that Cole was involved in one or more, highly sensitive missions for the fleet. Nevertheless, it is reasonably certain that he spent at least 4-5 years in the Spacefleet, and that he performed his duties faultlessly. For reasons that are unclear, he gave up his fleet commission and hired out as a freelance explorer. During this time, he has been constantly wandering from one system to the next, making occasional trips to his homeworld but never settling down.

Cole seems to have few friends or family. However, it is known that he has cultivated a friendship with one Garack Khad-Chua, resulting in his being initiated into the Yazirian Khad-Chua clan. How this came about is unclear, but we speculate that this friendship probably extends back to the time when Cole served in the Spacefleet, during which he no doubt earned the gratitude of his Khad-Chua mentor. By all appearances, Cole appears to be a highly respected member of that Clan, and can no doubt count on its backing during troubled times. Perhaps because of the Clan influence, he takes an active interest in Yazirian culture and various archaic fighting styles. However, as far as the latter is concerned, it is believed that he may have had another mentor who had something to do with this esoteric fascination of his. Once again, the data is sketchy.


Cole seems to have no real desire for financial stability or political power, as he has been known to turn down lucrative contracts offered by large megacorporations in favor of less rewarding missions offered by smaller organizations. It is possible that some of this may have to do with the regressive, anti-megacorporation attitudes shared by other Laco citizens which date back to Laco's War. But it is also clear from interviewing his prior employees that Cole has a deep-rooted disdain of authority in general and political power in particular. We suspect that the reason for this attitude may have played a part in his resigning from the Spacefleet.

Cole's personality suggests a loner who lacks interest in social gatherings. He devotes a significant portion of his personal time in personal training, and he seems to have an incessant drive towards improving himself in the martial arts. It is felt that one or more tragic events may have helped to shape his personality, which would thus explain why he does not seem interested in interacting with others of his kind. As far as we can tell, he has never been married or had offspring of his own. Nor does he seem interested in changing that situation.

Former employers testify that Cole is difficult to coax with the standard promises of wealth, female association, and power. He seems to have an overdeveloped conscience and an annoying concern for "honor" which makes it difficult to trust him with some assigned tasks. Consequently, we do not believe he would be ideally suited as a full-time PGC employee. Furthermore, we suggest that his present position as a freelance operative for Detachment 2551 be reconsidered if it should put him in contact with any of our more sensitive operations.


End Dossier 82992LA-25OC