Detachment 2551 House Rules

Here's all I can think of as far as my house rules are concerned:

1) I use all 3 books: Alpha Dawn, Zeb, and Knight Hawks with some parts
taking precedence over others.  Examples:
- computers and programs follow Alpha Dawn (AD) rules
- skills from Zeb
- action resolution table from Zeb for use on skills only
- percentile resolution system from AD for use in combat
- all races and equipment from AD and Zeb
- mentalists are allowed but very very very rare - not a factor really

2) I will accept rules from just about any Dragon magazine article (most of
which I have copies, if anyone has questions about them)

3) In Knight Hawks' space rules I make big changes some of you won't like:
- decks on a ship run horizontally not vertically like in KH
        (i.e. the decks are level if the ship were on its side, not if
        standing on its end)
- artificial gravity exists on ships but is done so at a great cost in power,
as are inertial dampers...for this reason the 'void' concept of travel can
be simplified to any kind of 'warp' concept you want.  Simply put, when a
ship travels between the stars it takes a while for it to speed up (i.e.
hours or minutes) but it will 'jump' to FTL speed and 'drop out' of FTL
upon arrival.  There are no 'jump gates' like in Babylon 5.  Perhaps the
spectacle of 'hyper space' in Star Wars fits it best, tho I don't pretend
it's that simplified.

4) I have added some rules of my own.  You can view them at my website or
on Mark's Star Frontiers Netbook :
For instance, I revised the martial arts skill, so if you read my article
on that you'll see how to learn and use this awesome skill.

5) I recognize a lot of the rules created by people on the Star Frontiers
listserv.  Again, you can find a lot of them at Mark's Netbook site.  Roy
Crisman's rule changes make sense, too, so I use a lot of them.  And Steve
Bartell's.  But don't worry - if you know AD or Zeb rules you'll be fine
99.999999% of the time.  I just mention their rules in case YOU want to use
them and you tell me about it.  I'm pretty casual about that.
        For instance, when I said to choose 3 languages, I hoped you'd use
Roy's list of languages from his web-page.
* Roy's site is at:
* Steve's site is at:
you can also find some of the basic rules needed to roll up a character at
Steve's place.

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