Player Name - Gary D. Hart (
Character Name - Groogash KarÕChudka
Sex / Race - male yazirian
Age - 40
Handedness - right
System & Planet of Origin - Hentz, Araks system
Frontier Status - citizen of Hentz
Profession - spacer
Occupational Standing - freelance
Appearance - very tall (around 2.3 m. tall), thick dark brown hair, light brown fur
Current Stamina - 55
Other Injuries - none
Racial Abilities - gliding, night vision, battle rage 5%

Physical Attributes
STR/STA - 55/55
DEX/RS - 75/75
INT/LOG - 65/65
PER/LDR - 50/50
IM/PS - 8/3

Skills / Levels -
Astrogation: Find Location - 3
Astrogation: Plot Course - 4
Astrogation: Risk Jump - 3
Astrogation: Chart New Routes - 2
Star Pilot 1- 2
Star Pilot: Void Transfer - 1
Gunnery (Energy) - 4
Gunnery: Selective Targeting - 1
Pressure Suit: Operate - 1
Sensor Ops - 3
Ship Onboard Systems Operations - 4
Vehicles: Space - 1
Vehicles: Machine - 1

Astronomy - 3
Astrophysics - 1
Engineering: Mechanical - 1
Engineering: Nuclear - 1
Communications Devices: Operate - 1
Communications Devices: Repair - 1
Computers: Access & Operate - 1
Computers: Display Information - 1
Computers: Program Manipulation - 2
Machinery: Operate - 3
Machinery: Repair - 1
Mathematics - 1
Medical: Wounds 1 - 1
Optics - 1
Physics - 3
Power Read - 1
Vehicles: Atmospheric - 1
Weapons: Beam - 5
Weapons: Melee - 2
Weapons: Zamra - 3
Weapons: Repair - 1
Appraisal - 3
Body Speak - 1
Entertaining (musical instrument) - 55
Forgery (to forge) - 3
Gemology - 3
Security: Open Locks - 2

Languages -
Yazirian (Argonian) 5
Yazirian (Gnarsh) 5
Pan-Gal 4
Humma 2
Quatro 2 (66%)

Experience Points - see XP log
Credits - 15
Assetts - some hidden booty on various worlds

Licenses / Permits -
AstrogatorÕs License

Weapons / Ammo -
(see hitsheet)
Defenses / Remaining -
(see hitsheet)
Equipment -
(see hitsheet)

Vehicles -
Robots -
Computers -

Background -
Groogash grew up in an industrial boom town on the planet Hentz in the Araks system. His clan was a poor one, its members typically skilled laborers in the heavy industrial system the Galaxy Overall Development Company (GODCo) had established in his home territory. Life was grim in the industrial towns, so Groogash opted to apprentice at one of the local spacerÕs guilds and at a young age worked as a cargo-worker for a freighter company. His years aboard star freighters travelling throughout Yazirian space were uneventful ones, but he picked up enough knowledge and experience to serve as a junior astrogator. Soon he began to feel restless living in the humdrum life of cargo shipping, and longed for a job that would take him throughout the Frontier. It was on Exib that he ran in with some smugglers that needed an astrogator badly after theirÕs had been killed in a blockade run. So Groogash fell in with the hard fast life of smuggling. Ironically, it was there he learned the most about being a spacer: plotting jumps that would evade system patrol ships, forced to rig risk jumps in record time, and having to do the job with little supervision. All of it forced him to excel. In addition to his post, the job also required being handy with a gun, and Groogash picked that up as well. And when the shipÕs gunner was killed, once again necessity thrust experience upon the young Yazirian as he was required to take over.

It was on a run through Prenglar that he met Tiberius Grogan. Ty managed to swindle the captain of GroogashÕs ship out of 30,000 credits. The captain was furious and ordered the crew to hunt down the human that dared to disgrace their leader. But Groogash began to wonder about the company he was keeping. There was something to be said about such a crafty human. Obviously he was going nowhere with this crowd. Perhaps bigger fortunes lay with the enterprising "bare-skin". Ty struck him as an enterprising human, one that could make the 'big jobs' pay off. So Groogash set aside his Yazirian traditions, his ambiguous loyalty to his so-called clan of fellow smugglers, and warned Ty of the crewÕs attentions. Immediately the two formed a strong friendship. Since then they have been partners in a variety of business ventures: some legal, some not - some successful, most a disappointment. The two have been through a lot together, shared many adventures, and made many enemies...the two are still determined to find that big payoff yet...

Groogash is an extremely quiet and retiring Yazirian. He is wary of strangers, but a loyal friend once acquainted. His ambitions are unclear - although heÕd like to make it big in the smuggling business he doesnÕt seem to be in any hurry. For now the travel and challenges of being a spacer are enough for him. If he has a life enemy it is GODCo, the huge terraforming company headquartered on his home planet. GODCo ran the plants on Hentz and broke the backs of his fellow clansmen - its religious cult engrained its way of living on all Groogash knew, reducing everything to conformity. For this reason he is very independent-minded, preferring to plot his own destiny and stay clear of the larger powers in the Frontier. He is fond of his musical instrument, great quantities of rich foods, and fetching Yazirian females (the vice that tends to get him in the most trouble).

(from Gary Hart): In his early days of exploring the Frontier Groo was hired by a freighter that was manned by a large group of Humans that belonged to the McFarland Clan. They had very close family ties, something not usually seen out side of Yazirian culture, and it intrigued Groo. One of the things that Groo immediately fell in love with was the bagpipes and the great military songs and music associated with it.

For more on Groogash Karchudka, check out Bill Nobile's story (incomplete) : MISJUMP

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