Pan Galactic Corporation - Special Operations Division
Personnel Database - Dossier 234KLL2-22AA : DET2551
Player Name - Tim Carrier (email:
Character Name - Cymon Ak-Barruda
Sex / Race - Male Yazirian
Age - 27 standard years
Handedness - left
System & Planet of Origin - moon C of the planet Histran, Scree Fron system
Frontier Status - colonial citizen of Scree Fron
Profession - Scispec / Biosocialist
Occupational Standing - freelance, currently Flight Surgeon for PGC on
Detachment 2551 aboard the F.C.S. Vercingetorix
Appearance - weight: 50 kilos.
Current Stamina - 40
Other Injuries - none
Racial Abilities - battle rage 5%, night vision, gliding

Physical Attributes
STR/STA - 30/45
DEX/RS - 55/55
INT/LOG - 78/74
PER/LDR - 50/50
IM/PS - 6/2

Skills / Levels -
Beam Weapons 1
PGS Weapon 1
Zamra Weapon Skill 4
Martial Arts 1
Medical: Diagnosis 3
Medical : Wounds 1 2
Medical : Wounds 2 2
Medical : Wounds 3 2
Medical : Wounds 4 2
Medical : Radiation 2
Medical : Infestation 1
Medical : Infection 1
Medical : Poison 1
Medical : Disease 3
Medical Devices 3
Forensic Medicine 2
Analyze Ecosystems 1
Biology 3
Botany 1
Chemistry 2
Zoology 1
Exobiology 1
Psychopathology 1
Entertaining (22) blues guitar 1
Intelligence Automatic
Computers: A & O 1
Computers: 1
Manipulate Programs
Vehicle: Atmospheric 1
Physics 2
Theology 1 (Cymon's religion)
Theology 1 (Amradar religion)
Archaeology 1
Ship Onboard Systems Operations 1

Languages -
Yazirian (Argonian) 5
Yazirian (Gnarsh) 5
Pan-Gal 4
Vrusk 2

Experience Points - see XP log
Credits - 72
Assetts -

Licenses / Permits -

Weapons / Ammo -
see hitsheet

Defenses / Remaining -
see hitsheeet

Equipment -
(for more see hitsheet) GOLD ZAMRA
"Den Qritsa" or "Tome of the Dens"

Fullpack Bodycomp with type B processor.
1)Audio Act,
2) Calc-all,
3)CAS Interface,
4)Comp Talk,
5)Med Inject (Stimdose),
6)Diz Vis,
7)Prog Switch, Has 10 micro-switches with prog-switch progit.
8) Robo Link
9)Map Calc,
10)Info-stor (see website with
Conformal MediKit),
11)Helm Link,
The prog-switches he devises will attach to several items.
1)Chronocom. There should be several of these from the basic equipment packs
that Marcus and company picked up. He places this item in a corner of his
medical lab. The switch will activate it so that the video/audio cam begins
sending on a single frequency, showing him the room. Cymon runs it both
through OTTO and directly to Cymon's Net Chron II
2)Doze Grenade. This is also placed in his lab.
3)Flash Grenade. Cymon attaches this to his belt.
4)Flash Grenade. Cymon attaches this to his utility robot.
7)Flit Board, or another vehicle, assuming we obtained any.

Vehicles -
Robots -
Computers - memory wafer, with information stored on a crystalline strip on One side.

Description -
Cymon is a smallish yazirian, wearing the plainest of capes. At his side is
a nicely made, but again starkly designed Zamra, the traditional
melee/throwing weapon of the Yazirians. He carries himself in a deferential
manner, but can be very businesslike about his profession, the result of his
Vruskan Mentor training.

Background - Is it possible to have more than one life? It is not a Yazirian belief. You are Yazirian. You have one choice in life, to choose an enemy. The rest is simply fulfillment.

Cymon Ak-Barruda is becoming a Yazirian. Born a lesser noble on an outpost moon of Scree Fron, he was of course a creature of the Yazirian line of succession. The selection of his life enemy should have enabled him to move to the highest of Yazirian Council. He was born, however, in a different time. And subject to differnent forces than the Olders. He was born in the new frontier.

A "Career" was what intrigued him. His own wits and skill would be far more valuable in the new pan-galactic superstructure that washed over the great collective new society that the Yazirians had joined some generations back. The siren-song of the corporate life was seductive and intriguing. It also offered him a fast-track to success, and, oh, a life-enemy - a "Ka-Chada" - that was sure to solve any of those pestering traditions.

Pan-Galactic had a whole corporate program of life-enemy selection for any of the eager youngsters of Yazirian descent to select from. There were, of course, Sathar threats, but also new 'life enemies', like 'poor profit margins', 'decreased efficiency', and 'colonial malaise'. An avid biologist and environmental observer, the young Ak-Barruda selected a most appropriate 'enemy',... an obscure malady of the Timon system that offered a careful mix of long-term challenge and profitable success. It was a very astute selection, and one that P-G's Yazirian Advisory Council (composed, oddly enough of young Yazirians and a notable profusion of Vrusk advisors) approved instantly.

Young Cymon went to a prestigious internship at the Timon Research Division, studied under some of the best scientists, learned some of the most rigorous and cutting-edge research technique, worked with the finest equipment. He spent his money wisely, investing in the company pension opportunities, and carousing with the best crowd. And then his Bearer died.

Like most Yazirian youth, he had never been close to his parent of opposite sex. That was a special relationship that was to be cultivated only in the years of 'Attainment', the time of hard work towards worthy ends when the "Bearer" became known as "Mater" council was most needed. It was the council he should have been getting at this time, but had put off until it was more conveniant to return to Scree Fron.

His journey back to the Moon of Scree Fron for the death ceremony was a sobering time. His 'Bearer', Cerrud Ta-Barruda-Chi (she had earned her Attainment name, and a few more in a worthy life), was greatly admired for her strength of character and her adherence to the traditions of Yazirian life. She had chosen a "Ka-Chada" of considerable esteem, pursued it throughout her long lifetime (Cymon being the youngest of her many children).

Cymon's older's, his brothers and sisters, were cold to him upon his return. His father, a loving parent always, was cordial, but was grief-stricken. It was Cymon's great Aunt, an ancient Yazirian, now retired from the Council, who openly confronted Cymon, shaming him for his easy life, and his failure to pursue a worthy Ka-Chada. Then Cymon did the first honorable thing in his life. He sacrificed. He renounced his chosen life-enemy and embarked into the role of a shunned one, a Yazirian who has essentially denied the status of adult life to begin as a youngster, aquiring a new life enemy, going through the tests, and emerging as a child re-born.

The life enemy he chose was that of his bearer. The Ka-Chada was ignorance, ignorance of the mysterious precursor races that had laid a strange foundation for the entire frontier region. There were potential cures for a host of maladies far more deadly than the minor afflictions of Timeon. There was also great chance for failure, for embarrassment, and a great predescor under whose shadow he would have to emerge. His Great Aunt, seeing for the first time, signaled approval for the new-child. She agreed to be his Mater in her neice's stead, and shunned the young Cymon, until he had attained some measure that could be considered worthy of Attainment.

The decision had many implications. Cymon had to learn new ceremonies of Yazirian Spiritual growth. These gave him new insights into the mythic past of Yazir, and some insight into the comparative myths of the other races. Therein might lie clues that his bearer had also examined.

It also meant his departure from Pan Gal. That area of exploration was not in the 'companies interests'. So, to support himself, he took on a freelance opportunity as a flight surgeon on a little assault scout that was soon to take off.

And so, down the long corridor, on a distant planet around a distant star, he now strides to begin his life again.

ADDENDUM 1 Cymon was raised in his Patron's house, the house Barruda. As the youngest of the children, he lived an easier life, but also a much overlooked life by his family. Consequently, he gained much of his early knowledge from two very odd sources for a young prince of Yazir.

Skor Kizzit was his Vruskan tutor. His keen analytical mind and unending curiousity proved a early infection to the young boy. From him he gained a love of the sciences and his own insatiable curiousity.

And from Hodges he learned something of the soul. That was the human name for it. Animus. Spirit. The Vrusk had no equivalent. The Dralasites too many. No. This was a feature that was shared in some measure by only the anthropomorphic Yazir and Men. Yazirians believed it was a thing to be attained. Men, at least the dark men of Hodges's type, believed it was something each owned. Hodge couldn't explain it, a failure that Skor could not abide. But he could 'sing' it. The way he sang his 'blues' opened something in the young Cymon.

But Skor's clearer vision turned him away from that side for many years. Only when the 'bearer' died, did Cymon really understand that Hodges really had made it too damn clear. The blues were the blues. Couldn't talk about it. Couldn't examine it. Just was. The guitar that Hodges had taught him as a small one was now solace.

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