Detachment 2551 Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing: Stardate 1110915 (f.y. 111, 9th month, 15th day)
Special Operations Detachment 2551 Pan-Galactic Corporation


Outpost Calas is a PGC storage facility on the seventh moon of
Histran in the Scree Fron system, designated moon 'G'. The ground
compound occupies roughly 9 square kilometers and is staffed by
300 PGC personnel. Outpost Calas serves as a way station for PGC
freighter through-traffic, providing fuel and supplies. Although it
represents little in face dollar value, the installation is an
important support center for PGC trade activity along the Yazirian
arm of Frontier space.
On 1110908 subspace radio contact was lost with Outpost
Calas. Previous communicades revealed nothing out of the ordinary.
Unmanned satellite reconaissance showed no structural damage and
no sign of life. Situation projection computers have ruled out alien,
Sathar, or pirate involvement due to the limited tactical value of the
facility. Two possibilities have been discussed.
Contingency One: Corporate warfare. With the 111th
anniversary of the founding of the U.P.F. drawing attention to the
Prenglar system and its massive festivities, StarLaw and Space
Fleet resources for monitoring Mega Corp activity are at an ebb.
Recent clashes with Streel Corp. in the Timeon system support this
theory. Long-term reasons for disabling Outpost Calas are unknown.
Projected strength of Streel contingent in the Scree Fron system is
Contingency Two: Viral Outbreak. Rudimentary surface surveys
of Moon 'G' four years ago revealed a potentially dangerous viral
strain existing in an inert state native to the ecosystem. Due to the
limited value of the flora and fauna little research was done on the
strain's role in the ecosystem. It is possible that something has
disrupted the habitat surrounding Outpost Calas and infected the
'G' is a barren, desert moon, almost bereft of civilization
despite its breathable atmosphere. Outpost Calas therefore is a
remote installation with almost no contact with the outside world.
To avoid alarming the government of Scree Fron and endangering
PGC's important location in the area, the situation has been
classified an internal matter. No aid has been solicited from Histran
and no word is to be leaked of this crisis.
The objective of Detachment 2551 will be to serve as a stealth
insertion force into Moon 'G' for investigation and reconaissance.
Employing an assault scout vessel and minimal crew complement,
diversity in specializations is essential. Thorough background
checks on freelance GTF-certified operatives have yielded the
following members:

Cymon Ak-Barruda - male Yazirian - Flight Surgeon
V'Sndyk Kanditzex - male Vrusk - Master Technician
Rubadel Umpah - neuter Dralasite - Tactical Technician
Marcus Cole - male Human - Surface Reconaissance
Mrylinax, Dounlos Okiou Patrou - male Humma - Security Escort
Breanna O'Shaughnessy - female Human - Pilot

Det. 2551 is to depart immediately for the Scree Fron system
via Athor and Belnafaer. Upon arrival, the Vercingetorix is to enter
geosynchronous orbit above Outpost Calas on Moon 'G' and rendezvous
with Osiris Station. Osiris Station is an unmanned PGC research
satellite that also serves as a shipping platform between the
surface and orbiting freighters. Det. 2551 is to investigate the
station and report back on secured channel for further orders. If
hostile forces are met, team is to fall back to Araks system and
await further orders.

Mission objectives:
- investigate Osiris station and assess its operating condition
- investigate Outpost Calas ground facility and determine cause of
radio blackout
- determine role of Streel Corp. in the area
- locate Dr. Invax T'Prinna, a PGC scientist, stationed on Outpost
Calas and retrieve alive if possible

Upon completion of investigatory mission all members of Det.
2551 will be eligible for reward to the figure of 10,000 credits and
the option to continue as special operatives for PGC. This contract
is conditional upon operatives maintaining complete silence on
company matters. This order is issued by Jurgen Saribalis, director
of resources and materials research division, Pan-Galactic


<<>> This information is classified for PGC special operatives. This information remains under investigation by Star Law and is not to be discussed outside your operations cell.

stardate 1110816 - A facility owned by Streel located on the planet Pale in the Truane's Star system was the site of an alleged suicide bombing. The compound, which Streel contends was a lower-level information storage and processing center, housed several large mainframes and was the workplace for 206 Streel employees.

According to holovid records, at roughly 09:10 hours on the day of the 16th, a group of at least six individuals entered the Streel facility and began opening fire, shooting everything in sight. Cameras caught the assailants, represented by three humans, a yazirian, a vrusk and a humma, dressed in black fatigues and masks and carrying laser rifles. Records showed the terrorists moving from room to room, eliminating all personnel and seeking out the main computer vault. Just before the cameras went dead, the group was seen strapping satchels to the computers. At 09:24 hours the building complex exploded, destroying everything within 50 meters of the foundation. With local law enforcement surrounding the building, the terrorists never made it out. Their bodies were recovered along with those of their victims.

Starlaw authorities on Pale refused to share their findings with the public and the incident is still under investigation. However, PGC operatives have since this time intercepted disturbing information. According to independent DNA scans of the remains of the terrorists, the identities of the group match those of individuals known to work as special operatives for PGC as the crew of the research ship Driddiam. The Driddiam was assigned to Outpost Calas three months ago but contact was lost with her on 1110724. Starlaw is pressing for information from PGC and Streel is understandably enraged at this flagrant act of corporate warfare.

No one within the organization is claiming any knowledge of these individuals' roles in the bombing. No one is taking any responsibility for issuing orders to them. Their last assignment was three months prior, attached to a research vessel. They had been officially missing since their return from that mission. Due to the secretive and insular nature of PGC's special ops. division, there is little hope that the whole truth can be discovered.

As this pertains to your mission, be warned that a heightened state of alarm exists between PGC and Streel for the time being. Regular PGC employees are observing low-level precautionary protocols, while all personnel working in exploration, shipping, and special ops. are warned to avoid any contact with Streel personnel. At this time no formal state of corporate war exists, but conditions are ripe for misunderstandings.


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