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Alright: Elmore, Easley, and Trumane did a great job illustrating the Star Frontiers universe, but where can you find new and fresh material? Why, right here, of course! Check out the ONLY SF internet site featuring original art by yours truly. Again, feedback is very much appreciated.

Dralasite in Space. I'm very proud of this one - I find the idea of a dralasite in a space suit kinda funny. Color by Layne Saltern.

V'Sndyk the Vrusk from the PBEM Detachment 2551. Color by Layne Saltern.

Rubadel the Dralasite from the PBEM Detachment 2551. Color by Layne Saltern.

Cadmius and Ryozenzuzex were two of the original members of the legendary gaming group back when we were still kids trying to figure out what an rpg was. Not incidentally, they were also played by my brothers Jim and Ola.

Satellite Up-link Station kinda sketchy but captures the feel of a forward command post on a new planet. Color by Layne Saltern.

Battle of Khoshu from the PBEM Detachment 2551

Syzygy draws and fires! This is Syzygy, the vrusk computer nerd I played in Layne Saltern's online game UNITY - Syzygy wasn't much with a pistol, so this is probably more how he saw himself than what he actually looked like!

Yazirian Tech-Ex

Dralasite Pan-Gal Employee

Vrusk Enforcer

Cymon Ak-Barruda the Yazirian from the PBEM Detachment 2551

Space Suits just playing with what suits would look like on the 4 major races

Human Explorer looks a lot like the cover of the game - features what I think magnigoggles would look like, as well as a Computerized Analysis Scanner mentioned in Zebulon's Guide.

Ifshnit ponders the value of a strange item

Human StarLaw Ranger uploads a field report to a StarLaw robot.

The original cover of the Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Expanded Rules Book - the classic!

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