Panthers Trooper

As a panthers fan and as founder of the largest Star Wars costuming group in the world, it was inevitable my two worlds would merge. I mean there's already a Giants Trooper, Lions Trooper, Colts Trooper, and even a Bengals Trooper. Why can't the Panthers have their own trooper? In 2009 I had to change that, and the Panthers Trooper would debut at Dragoncon in Atlanta, Georgia in the home city of one of our greatest rivals. I even got a chance to march with the Colts Trooper, a good friend of mine. So behold, the Panthers Trooper!

March 22, 2010: After submitting photos of the Panthers Trooper to the head office of the organization, I received this nice letter from Riley Fields, Director of Community Relations and the Cheerleader and Mascot Programs. Wonderful to have some feedback. Now they know Panthers Trooper exists - the next step will be to appear at a game. Watch out, world!

Panthers Trooper Debut: September 5, 2009

Building the Panthers Trooper

2013: Patriots vs Panthers - Sean Carmichael from the 501st New England Garrison flew down and donned his Pats Trooper as I donned my Panthers Trooper - it was game on!

R2-KT visits Panthers Stadium!

Other NFL Troopers