Building our own Gonk Droid

The GONK Droid! The shuffling, ponderous box of a droid that we see on the Jawa Sandcrawler in the original Star Wars movie: A New Hope. Long has it been overlooked and under-appreciated. But no more! After seeing so many fellow Star Wars fans building a cheap and easy power droid out of sterilite containers, Allie and I decided we'd take a crack at it and try to make a buddy for R2-KT!

Allie measures and cuts 10" long segments of 2x4 lumber for the feet.
Next she drills pilot holes into the feet and legs, then connects them using 4" long wood screws. Notice she recesses the screw holes so the screw head doesn't stick out the bottom of the feet. That way it's nice and level! Then, Allie plays with the feet!
Empty Swiffer boxes are used to make the 'feet', actually covers for the real feet. She cuts holes in the boxes so that it can slip over the wood. Once in place, it looks like the box is the foot! The real foot underneath provides the support and stability.
Drainage pipe is cut and used to fit over the legs to appear as robot legs.
Allie drills holes into a flat piece of shelf wood to serve as the base of the droid to which the legs connect.
Allie assembles the top and bottom container pieces to show the body of the droid.
The Gonk body is assembled! Next step will be to decorate the droid and install electronics. R2-KT gets to check out her baby brother.