Johnson Pics - The Funny Side

Look no further... hilarity ensues.

These are the actual ultrasound pics of the babies, just layered and arranged to make them face each other. I swear the lightsabers were really there. Makes me wonder if they were destined to battle...

Babies twist up in the goofiest poses when they're tiny. This one just looked like she was giving a great flying kick, so drop in a background and a headband and you're set.

Same explanation as above. You could take pics all day of the goofy poses babies make. No mystery Anne Geddes is rich.

Apologies to whoever bought the babies this hat, but she looked like she was a whacky chef in this get-up. I couldn't help myself, she just looks like she's yelling out of some kitchen...

So began our series of photos where the babies looked like they were doing more kung-fu poses. Something about their balled up little fists, faces screwed up like they're really mad, and arms and legs flailing around as the nervous system matures... doesn't that describe a kung-fu movie to you?

'Nuff said.

This one begged for a little more dialog. Julianna's wearing the same awestruck look some characters get in a kung-fu movie when they see the hero in action. The dialog is like the cheesy voice-over you hear in those movies. I could write this stuff.

Within minutes of getting my 501st knit hat I plunked it on Julianna's head and this was the look she gave. No need to spell out what she's thinking, you know what she's thinking just from that look.

This looked like some kind of Jack Kirby style of pose from the comics, especially how the Devourer of Worlds liked to pose whenever he came on the scene.

Again with the martial arts. That, or I could have made a faith healer joke, but then my mom would kill me.

I think the babies do this to us in our sleep

More karate. Tell me that isn't a sweet block!

This was less Julianna being conspiratorial than her just falling over on her sister. Babies can't balance for anything, so they slump over like little drunks.

Our friend Cricket made the girls 'Jane' hats as worn on the sci-fi television show "Firefly". Bit-bit came up with the face all on her own. Together it looked like a Rodney Dangerfield moment.

This is one of those rare pics you catch at _just_ the right time. Hat on backwards and the too-cool look and I knew what she was thinking. Oooooh, yeah.

What's in that cup anyways?

Here's what I think of your parenting style!

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