Johnson Pics - April 2009

Easter and Spring are here and the girls of Braewick are crazier than ever. Batch one of the pics shows the girls at church for the Easter party. I'm afraid the girls don't have the killer instincts to push other kids out of the way for eggs, a very church-like behavior the event seemed to encourage, but they did get a lot of eggs anyway.

The middle pics show the girls at the nearby park, where the three of us just hung out and the girls enjoyed throwing pebbles into the pond.

A few shots show the girls sleeping - we've taken the sides off of the cribs to convert them to day-beds and you can see the results - they like to roam around all night and when they do finally crash it looks like a crime scene with bodies sprawled on the floor. Pretty funny.

Elizabeth's obsession with spider-man continues as you can see. I swear I didn't intend for it to go this far! But she loves spider-man and will patiently watch the cartoons over and over.

The girls had a wonderful Easter: Elizabeth actually allowed us to put on dress shoes instead of her disney sneakers, Julianna stayed dressed most of the day, and Mom had a good time hanging out with the girls and rummaging through the back yard breaking off stems she could re-plant back at her apartment. Allie just chilled out and looked good in her fashionable green dress. Kathy made up a big glazed ham and the trimmings so we had a great Easter get-together.

Thoughts of Katie were inescapable considering the holiday. We smiled listening to our pastor, who was there at Katie's passing, and thought of the message of Easter and the promise it holds. I personally believe Katie is long since settled in to play with as many bunnies as she could care for on this day, patiently waiting for the rest of us to join in on the fun with her.