TOUR 2000

After what seems like an eternity, the boys are back in pantyhose and onstage for their fans to enjoy LIVE! For those of us unfortunate to have NEVER seen them on the college circuit or been at a studio taping of the show, this is a dream come true. I personally attended two of the shows in Washington DC. Below are photos shot at the stage and at the back door of the Warner theater.

Click HERE to see a transcript of the show's sketches.

Click HERE for alternate sketch lists reported from other cities.

Pics of the show in DC

A note about these shots - I brought the camera along to get some shots after the show. Photography was not permitted during the show. However, so many people were taking shots I decided to join in. I was on the fourth row, but it doesn't show - the shots are grainy, poorly composed, and didn't get half the show because ushers kept circling looking for perps like me. But at least they came out, so I hope those of you who couldn't make the tour can get some sense of what it was like from these shots.

Pics at the stage exit in DC

I got some nice shots with Dave and Kevin, but the stage nazis Comedy Central hired were complete jerks and in spite of walking 16 blocks in freezing rain and shelling out over a grand to make it to this show I was turned away from meeting the other guys. Still, the Dave and Kevin were cool and seemed to enjoy the reception.

What follows are more pics of the stage show as taken by others...

Still want more? My good friend, Ardrie, took over 250 pictures of the shows as she followed the group all over the U.S. She is a wonderful person whom I count as a good friend. In fact, the first time I saw the Kids live, she helped me find out where they'd be leaving the theater so I could meet them! If you REALLY love the group, click HERE to browse through the entire index of her photos. Incredible! Just too many for me to post as thumbnails for the moment. Enjoy!

If you missed the tour, then you missed out on the program. Never fear! I tried to scan all of the pages so YOU could enjoy, too! What a nice guy! Notice some of the pages were scanned twice, since they wouldn't fit on the scanner in one pass (big programs!).

Fans posted their reports on the Kids appearances elsewhere. Click on the city names to see reports from those appearances: Phoenix & LA, Texas.