WAV Sound Files

  1. I'm a BAD boy!
  2. I love all women!
  3. I...just...LOVE IT!
  4. Okey dokey pokey...
  5. Wow. Sounds cool.
  6. Let's just get on a spaceship...
  7. Office, submarine!
  8. Do you love me uh-huh whatever.
  9. Hoowhee could I get beat up!
  10. Can you follow that?
  11. I'm a chicken lady!
  12. Would you like a beer or do you wanna just drink from the toilet?
  13. Chicken lady's eggs
  14. He's got crabs!
  15. I'm crushing your head!
  16. I'm crushing your head! (long)
  17. Hitler blanks a donkey
  18. Oh don't tell me that!!!
  19. Evil!
  20. Now we're cooking with evil gas!
  21. At any given moment any one of you could SNAP!
  22. Let's call an exorcist
  23. Have you turned the boy into a fag yet?
  24. Fair...enough!
  25. We're FREAKS
  26. Gavin truism
  27. Gerald
  28. Go away now
  29. Go to hell
  30. Confused as a horny bisexual...
  31. I liked it
  32. I love all women
  33. I think you mean 'intense'
  34. It's a fact!
  35. Jump on bed
  36. It's just a birthday cake...
  37. I'm just sick about the whole thing...
  38. Kabling, Kablam, Kabloo!
  39. Kevin laughing
  40. must..kill..danny
  41. Hey, man, I like Led Zeppelin
  42. C'mon lobster!
  43. I was going to hire you, but you're busy licking a lobster
  44. I..just..LOVE IT!
  45. I'm mad with power
  46. A whole lotta milka
  47. Monkeys
  48. Monkeys2
  49. Monkeys3
  50. Mister Guy
  51. That could have been nasty!
  52. There is nobody home!
  53. Nobody likes us
  54. Nosebleed
  55. Oh please, please, please
  56. Yeah...yeah...oh, yeah!
  57. Pig comin' thru
  58. You prick!!!
  59. Office workers are gonna puke
  60. Rollerblading
  61. Running Faggot Song
  62. Sarcastic guy at party
  63. I'm almost scared to play it
  64. Why, I oughta sell your eyes to my angry sister!
  65. Sex Girl Patrol
  66. Deadly Sex Look
  67. Sizzler Sisters
  68. Laval, sava, kati! Sleep of Ages
  69. Slipped my mind
  70. Office...submarine!
  71. Theme Song (partial)
  72. But first, the WHORES!
  73. she thanked Hitler
  74. To change would mean...to make an effort
  75. A voice only a dog could hear
  76. Yoova, voova, voova!
  77. I've got some weed in my boogie van...
  78. 'Whatcher? Sheee!'
  79. What kind of FREAK is sitting there by that phone!?
  80. I mean, what's wrong with me?
  81. Will do...
  82. Will do.
  83. You got a yacky kid, lady.