Back in the summer of 1994 I got creamed in a car accident and after 14 operations was temporarily left in a wheelchair. For a year and a half I was stuck in my house with nothing to do but worry about saving my left leg, which was in bad shape. Things looked downright dismal at the time, but I started catching the Kids in the Hall show on Comedy Central. I have to say, you don't appreciate just how important laughter is until you go without it for a while. I laughed my ass off twice a day, temporarily forgetting the pain, the worry, the trouble for half an hour at a time.

I lost my fight with the injury and had to lose my leg, too. That's okay, because life is great and I'm moving on. But I can't forget just how precious a gift you guys in the troupe gave to me for that time I needed it. Your comedy has such an ironic and biting edge to it that I could feel the humor even in my own absurd situation. Your skits are intelligent and provocative one minute and downright nutty the next and this perfect blend is enough to keep one thinking about it again and again.

This past February I got to meet Dave and Kevin as they were leaving the backstage doors of the Warner theater and getting ready to board the bus to Boston. I would like to have met the other guys, but your tour manager was being short with us fans and frankly I thought that was pretty lame. Nevertheless, I deeply regret I didn't have the time to tell at least one of you what I'm saying now. You guys are the greatest and I'll always appreciate what you've done. Thanks.

- Albin Johnson