Group Photo Picture Gallery

Okay, every kid page has its share of the same publicity photos that have circulated over the last 10 years. Here's my share. I scanned new ones out of the Tour 2000 program I got while in D.C. at their show - very interesting shots I hadn't seen before. Just click on the thumbnail below to see the larger version.

Here are collages of posters from the early shows the guys did...

The only attempt at a feature-length movie, Brain Candy in my opinion just missed the mark. Who knows why? You could blame it on Dave being absent a lot while shooting his t.v. show NewsRadio, or on producers into making it too mainstream, or on references to characters hardcore fans are already familiar with but require some explanation to the mainstream audience... but it sucked. Which is a real shame, because these guys are geniuses and I really wanted to see a Pythonesque franchise forming. But alas... it wasn't meant to be. Anyways, here are a load of pics from the movie and its promotion.