Here's a handy list of items currently available for Galactic Academy cadets and parents
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Galactic Academy lanyards
Lanyards are 29" instead of the longer 38" to fit the kids better and are available in tough polypropylene in four colors: Imperial red, Rebel orange, blue, and pink. Each lanyard comes with a lobster-style clasp and is decorated with the eight logo figures of the GA.
Each lanyard is $8 plus $2 shipping (which covers up to four sent at one time) or $4 for the same deal outside the U.S. Paypal is to
Lanyards are in limited supply: only 25 of each of the colors, so order yours soon. Expected delivery date will be near the end of October 2013.

Galactic Academy shirts
We finally have a printer who will do on-demand printing of Galactic Academy shirts and they're CHEAP! Mike Kurtz was good enough to help us put up an e-store front. So if you've been waiting for a GA cadeto shirt they got 'em for cheap! Not a fund-raiser effort, these are just straight cost. Head on over to and get yours now!
Sample pics of the shirts:

Galactic Academy patches
We have always made logo patches available to our cadets and for as cheaply as possible. 3.5" fully embroidered, all seven logos for the GA are available: the main GA logo, Rowdies (Rebels ages 0-7), Shell Shockers (Imperials ages 0-7), Protectors (Rebels ages 8-12), Fire Brands (Imperials ages 8-12), Paladins (Rebels ages 13-17), and Howlers (Imperials ages 13-17). Just $3 apiece or $20 for a full set of seven, free shipping to anywhere. If you know of a cadet who cannot afford to buy the patches, let us know and we'll work something out to make sure they can wear their colors!

Galactic Academy ID badges
Cadets can order their very own ID badges, complete with their unit logo! Badges are $26.00 shipped in the continental US.(Add $3.00 for international orders) Badges have magnetic backing clip for attachment, removable rings to facilitate changing unit as child gets older, and additional holes for unit awards (to be added later). You can order badges straight from our maker, at

NO surnames will be printed on badges
Badges can only be purchased for existing members of the Galactic Academy
Staff badges are only available to verified GA-Staff Members
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