The Kathy Page
I happen to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world. So wouldn't it be a shame not to talk about it and share it on the web? This is a page dedicated to my loving wife, Kathy. Every good man should be so lucky as to have a wife like her. Maybe I just want to brag. Maybe I just want a spot on the web where I can look at her, no matter where I am. Whatever the reason, she's the sexiest, loveliest, most warm-hearted and clever and funny woman I know. And I love her so much it hurts. I present to you.. my true love, Kathy.

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Kathy as a baby. Even then, she was using them big brown eyes. And our daughter Elizabeth looks a LOT like her mom at that age. Guess we'll have another Kathy on our hands in a few years.

Kathy as a little girl. All that cuteness and all of her ability to get what she wants. Scary if you think about it. If it runs in the family then I'm in big trouble with our girls.

One of Kathy's teachers used to take professional photographs of his students. These two are his work.

Tell me she doesn't look like Molly Ringwald.

I don't know why, but I love these pictures. One looks like the cover of an album. The one of her in White Sands is an elegant picture and would look good blown up. It's obvious Kathy is good in front of a camera.

Kathy's always been strong on family and great with kids.

Sophomore and Senior Prom Pics.

And here she is passed out the next day after the prom...

Senior pictures and graduation

I know what you may be thinking: "why have pictures of your wife in her wedding gown from her first marriage?" Well when your wife looks this good in a dress, you can forget why she's in it and just enjoy the view.

After her divorce, Kathy was ready to hit the world with a vengeance.

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