The Gamers came out in 2002, just a fun little projected by some buddies in college. It was a web sensation and was soon followed by a much higher-production value feature Gamers: Dorkness Rising in 2008. The folks at Dead Gentlemen Productions did such an amazing job of capturing just how rpg's run and the personalities involved that it is to my mind an instant classic. Below are some humorous bits I devised as inspired by the two movies. I can't stress enough how awesome the work is that's been done by Dead Gentlemen Productions and their partners Zombie Orpheus. Journey Quest is underway at the moment and Gamers 3: Hands of Fate just got funded. So hopefully we'll see plenty more of the gamer folks!

You can watch Dorkness Rising on Youtube here:

You can watch the first Gamers on Youtube here:

Check out pics from ZOECon 1 in Seattle Nov 9-11 where I got to be a Stormtrooper in the filming of Gamers 3 !ZOECon