Chapter 3

Less than a day's journey remains before the party reaches the great seaport of King's Landing, yet Audelaine pulls them aside for some business she must see to at an inn called The Forge. The inn is old, with many additions built on over the years; there is a myriad of folk here, all seemingly with their own errands, yet most stop and give the bard at least a passing respect…some greet her openly, with wide grins.

Bemused, the party listens to her explanation, then they watch as she slips into the crowd; their decision comes quickly, they decide to continue on and await Audelaine's arrival in the port some two days hence. The final, short leg of the journey is unremarkable; they enter the gates and find food and drink at an in called the Red Jackal. With a shortage of rooms, the party splits into two groups: Helix, Buliwyf and Dimble share two rooms at the Jackal, while Cadreil and his kinsman Lli (also known as Hey You!) make their way to an inn called the Middle Tower Inn.

Arriving just after noon, the party (sans Dimble, who remains at the Jackal to keep eating) begin to explore the city. Yearning spiritual enlightenment, Buliwyf leads the group to the Temple of Kord, where man stride angrily in loin clothes, chests bare and greased like pigs readied for the pit. He is greeted by a young acolyte named Chakrem Dethe who recognizes the barbarian from his previous visit. The two strike a conversation that consists of grunts, squeals and howls - while other priests of the Warrior Deity push the elves and the monk to the alcove at the entrance to await their companion.

Slightly sickened, Lli makes his way upon his own errands, seeking the wizard's guild and other, more arcane locations, while Cadreil waits patiently with Helix.

Deciding to join the group, Chakrem leads the group to Executioner's Square, where they listen to a bard perform, eat a mediocre meal of far too much food, and circumvent the Temple of Hextor. While making their way through the alleyway behind the inauspicious temple, Buliwyf swears he sees watchers spying on them from the windows.

Deciding at last that a full frontal assault on the Tyrant Gods sanctuary isn't such a good idea, the group retreats back to the two inns. Helix and Buliwyf return to find the gnome still missing; assuming he's out eating something, they relax with the two elves as their new companion, the Priest of Kord, bids their farewell and makes his way back to the temple. After awhile the gnome returns, and after their own farewells the two elves head over to the Middle Tower Inn.

The three companions at the Red Jackal settle in without worry; the two elves on the other hand find their rooms have been ransacked. Despite his keen eye for detail, Cadreil fails to convince the city guard of the clues - left wondering they spend some fruitless moments that night and the next morning chasing rainbows (which is, after all, what faeries do…).

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Also the next morning the group spies another such, outfitted heavily for adventure. Cadreil overhears some of what they have to say and greets the group, and learns of adventures to the south that include giant insects and evil humanoids. The group then sets out again, traversing the city, spending time again at Executioner's Square as well as down by the docks. There they see the slips where the King of Pinital's Navy once sat at anchor.

Finally, that eventide, Audelaine arrives in the city. She is ready to journey to Lebelin.

As the party reached the outskirts of civilization they came upon a small community of farms having issues with the local insect life. It seems they had a beetle infestation - donning their Orkin caps, the party was all too happy to provide extermination services - little did they know the beastie was bigger than a horse.

After a fierce melee where Buliwyf and Helix led the way with a daring assault on the creature while the rest of the party peppered it with arrows (Cadreil's double 1's notwithstanding), the giant stag beetle was overcome, and destroyed. The villagers were joyous, and held a feast in their honor.

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Once past the farms, the party entered the badlands, passing a desolate range of heights called the Green Peak Duchy. The fell place was once the home of a human noble of ill reputation; it was the Duke Ulfvied who had been responsible some fifteen hundred years prior for deforesting the area, which set the stage for war with the Elves. Upon his ruin, the area became overgrown, left unclaimed by fey and human alike.

With Audeline leading the way, there was only a minor skirmish with a Giant Mantis - trailing smoke, the beastie was felled from flight by the steady marksmanship of the archers in the group. The rest of the journey was made without mishap or adventure.

Once in the fey forest, the group found they could go no further. Rather the Elf King met them at the encampment where they had reunited with the dour dwarf Ra'an. There was a celebration, and the two elven kinsmen learned the content of the missive - eager for adventure they offered their services to return to their home forest, but the King indicated that it would not be necessary…

Instead, recalling tales of terrible foes, the companions, setting out on ponies given them by Audeliane, made their way north to find their fame. After considering the Green Peaks, and other, more terrifying adventures, they finally settle on Coppertown as a destination, and the kobold incursion that seems to have impacted trade and mining there.

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While traveling toward destiny the group fights and slays several giant bees. With a reward of honey (or is it Honey?) waiting, here ends this chapter of the young adventurers' tale.