Chapter 1

It is a wide world, a wild world, and the continent of Karallia is filled with opportunity and adventure for those who seek it.

In the monastery of Kronenborg a festival takes place in honor of the partnership between the populace and the temple. It is a celebration as well, as the young initiates pass their final tests and make their way into the temple hierarchy - or a society alien to them.

For one young monk, Helix, the flavor of freedom is a new experience. Wandering the town that surrounds the monastery, he sees things through the prism of freedom for the first time in his life. Unsure of this new perspective, he finds himself a patron in the Red Griffon Inn. There he encounters the great monk Janni, who speaks to him with the respect reserved only for true monks; he is honored. He also encounters, and befriends a small band of others new to the town.

From the foothills of a great mountain range a young acolyte of Garl Glittergold, with sticky fingers and unflagging energy makes his way to the same inn and sits for a grand repast. His full name too long for these annals, he introduces himself to those he meets as Dimble. A prankster, he shares his humor with the Lady Bard of elven descent who performs on stage. Given fair warning by her guardian, he desists, though no harm done. He also provides for Helix's…comfort, though the youthful monk is ill prepared for such companionship.

From the dim weald of the far north comes a party of wood elves, led by the famed RangerLord Russell Windblow. Sent on a mission to the elvenhome of Lebellin the Fair by their Queen, the young ranger Cadreil Eryllion and his companions 'Hey You' and {Sean's Character} also make their way to Kronenborg proper, and the Red Griffon Inn. After securing a room and seeing to {Sean's character} who is ill, Cadreil and 'Hey You' make their way downstairs to take part in the festivities. Smitten, Cadreil is for a time entranced by the Lady Bard, yet she is a high elf, and he a wood elf, and on a mission of import. Setting aside pretensions of romance he drifts to the table where Russell Windblow has settled and greets others of his kin.

Soon growing bored, Cadreil decides to make his way through town. He stops in the jeweler Resnick's shop; an old friend of his family, Resnick gifts Cadreil a small ring, a gift paid for by the young ranger's father, and a token of his esteem. Later, Cadreil discovers Oldleshine's Apothacary, Akbar's General Store and a weapon shop run by a temperamental half orc.

Finally, making his way back to the Red Griffon, Cadreil settles in to enjoy the show, his thoughts on their mission, and how the future might unfold…