Founder's Ops Manual

I've been asked many times for my advice on the Legion. I don't claim to know everything, and the Legion certainly evolves and there are many differences in terms of situation, context, and cultural regions. But I do feel I have some insight to offer anyone who has issues within the Legion. In my years since the Legion's inception in 1997, I've seen the same problems over and over. I've also applied my priniciples in ways that still stand today as parts of the Legion's charter (which I created and helped to cultivate over the years) and its basic structure. So whether you're a buck private trooper or a Squad Leader or Garrison Commander or Detachment Leader or all by yourself as an Outpost Leader, take some notes. Or if, God help us, you're the current Legion CO - well, let's grab a beer and have a LONG talk, shall we?

Some Topics of Interest and my take on them