Legion Insignia: A retrospective

Here's a walk down memory lane, showing the evolution of the 501st Legion logo.

The original logo was designed by Scott MacArthur from Canada. It was simple and straightforward, featuring a stormtrooper and the group's motto in Aurebesh: "Vader's Fist!" This logo served the entire time we were called a squad.

In 1999 members of the Squad created banners and logos to spruce up the website. I guess they got tired of waiting for me to do it! Here are three examples. The first was by Mike Van Zweiten, the other two by Jason Thompson.

Later in 1999 the logo was cleaned up using a stock image from the Return of the Jedi film and incorporating vectored graphics to make it easier to shade and reproduce in embroidery, print, and web graphics. Lance Galloway was the artist to credit for this, and the image worked much better in promoting the club professionally. I call this the revised logo or logo v2.

At some point in 2001, when I stepped down temporarily and left things in the hands of a member named Scott Hawkins, Scott or one of his staff felt the need to revise the logo altogether. For a brief time the blue helmet logo was used and was even made into a patch (which are rare and hard to find). I call this one v3. It even made its way onto some display banners (which were totally useless because they were all in aurebesh and no one could read them).
After I came back to the club, the revised logo returned. However, the website graphics (courtesy of Jason Brooks from Titan Garrison) began featuring some stylized logos and banners for 'flair'. What you see below are the three main logos used on the website. I guess the red eyes on the trooper were designed to look intimidating. I don't consider them logos per se, just abstractions of the logo for decoration. If I were to name them, they'd be web logo v1, web logo v2, and web banner v1.

In 2005 the logo went another face-lift courtesy of Thomas Spanos of the Midwest Garrison. Thomas is an exacting artist and cleaned up a lot of the deficiencies he saw in the logo design. The resulting logo is what I call version v4. I'm also including a comparison chart released by Thomas to show the changes made. Pretty interesting stuff. Also below is a new web banner graphic created by Dean Plantamura of Florida Garrison (now Carolina Garrison). This banner I call web banner v2 and it has become ubiquitous in decorations all over the web, print material, bumper stickers, patches, and even the Legion challenge coin.