History of the 501st Legion: 2012

Katie Goldman, the 10-year-old known as the Littlest Jedi, first became known back in 2010 when she was bullied by kids at school for having a "Star Wars" water bottle (kids said the sci-fi franchise was only for boys). In 2012, two years later, Katie's own anti-bullying actions are being rewarded by the 501st Legion. After the group was the target of online taunting, Katie decided to show solidarity by dressing up for Halloween as a Stormtrooper, and in a show of thanks, members of the 501st made Katie her own Stormtrooper armor built exactly to the movie's specifications. Take that, bullies!

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Lastly, here's the behind-the-scenes account of how this all got done: 501st-background-Katie-Goldman.pdf