History of the 501st Legion: 2010

February 5, 2010: 501st Escorts Snoop Dogg for Adidas

As part of the ongoing Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection launch, members of the 501st Empire City, Northeast Remnant, New England and Carida Garrisons stormed the streets of New York City with rapper Snoop Dogg in a flash mob promotional event. A charitable donation was also made to the Pinwheel Project in lieu of compensation for the 501st volunteers.

June 19, 2010 : French Vader Promotes McDonald's
501st French Garrison member Julien Vergnes (SL-8106) plays the role of Darth Vader for a French McDonald's campaign with the headline "Come as you are."

August 25, 2010 : Legion Hits 5000 Members
Just in time for Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida, the 501st approves its 5000th active member.