History of the 501st Legion: 2007

2007 marked the tenth anniversary of the founding of the 501st Legion. A Legion-wide contest was held for creating the logo. The iconic 'X' with Vader and his troopers was the clear winner.

2007 Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade
December 26, 2006 - January 2, 2007
In 2006 501st command was contacted by Lucasfilm and told that 200 troopers would be invited to march in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California. Who was to thank for this honor and gift? None other than George Lucas himself, who would be Grand Marshal for the parade and who had heard so much about the club's charity efforts that he wanted to show his gratitude by bringing us all out to march with him. In fact, troopers from over 20 countries and 36 states were selected to be there December 27th through January 2nd, making it the greatest representation of 501st members ever assembled.

Dave Dorman, famous Star Wars artist and an Honorary Member of the Legion, sat down with me over some beers at Celebration 3 and told me he'd love to see the Legion depicted in a really cool battle scene painting. I agreed and for years we shared ideas about old battle paintings and elements we liked about them. Later over more beers in Charlotte, NC during a comic convention he sketched out some ideas on a napkin (which crude as he might have considered them, were intriguing). Now, just in time for Celebration IV, the painting is finished and looks incredible. Behold Dave Dorman's tribute to Vader's Fist, a scene depicting a pitched battle led by Lord Vader himself and the awesome 501st Legion, including the preliminary drawing for the painting that he sent me. I couldn't be more proud! To see more of Dave's work, visit http://www.davedorman.com/

July 1, 2007: R2-KT Action Figure
Lucasfilm and Hasbro produce an action figure of R2-KT, the pink Imperial droid honoring the memory of Katie Johnson, daughter of the Legion Founder. Subsequently, $100,000 was donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make dreams come true for sick children.

Star Wars Celebration IV - 501st Legion Group Photo

Guinness Book of World Records
No sooner had the Legion dusted off their boots from California, than it made the record books as the Largest Star Wars costuming group. Okay, we always knew we were the best. But the biggest? We'll take that too. Featured in the article was a picture of our proud "Flag Platoon" from the Pasadean Rose Bowl Parade.

Comic Book Journal Article featured the 501st as one of the top 10 uncharted places in Star Wars comics. Below is the article first posted in May of 2007. Notice we're #1!
Original Link: http://www.comicbookjournal.net/top-10-uncharted-places-in-star-wars-comics/

1. 501st Legion - This Legion of infamous Stormtroopers has been around since the beginning, but the group first caught my attention in Timothy Zahn’s Survivor’s Quest, when a fire team of the Empire’s best were dispatch to back up Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade in a mission to a space station. This is the great thing about the 501st and about the Stormtroopers in general - they appear as both allies and adversaries. The 501st - dubbed Vader’s Fist - have appeared throughout the movies, comics and books, but these guys (in the end, girls) need a series of their own, one that walks from one end of the Star Wars mythos (The Clone Wars) to the other (the current Legacies). Think of it as an in-cannon Star Wars Tales with a rotating cast of comic’s Who’s Who penning the monthly adventures of the 501st in a different era each time. One story arc could find them alongside Obi Wan Kenobi in the Clone Wars, another by Thrawn and yet another by Emperor Fel. There’s plenty of fresh territory to include, such as the interaction between clones and human Stormtroopers, the inclusion of females and aliens to the ranks, and the eventual team-up between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant in face of common enemies. George Lucas really surprised me in “Attack of the Clones” - by making the clones themselves, well, really cool. Now its time to take it to the next level - and give the Stormies their due.

November, 2007: Star Wars Celebration Europe: November
The German Garrison graciously invited Legion Founder Albin Johnson out to Germany the week prior to Celebration Europe, where he and his wife Kathy toured the western German countryside and partied with the GG Troopers. Garrison commanders Joerg Aberle and Hubert Siebertz made sure the Legion Founder saw only the best the Legion has to offer.

The Dutch Outpost came out in force while the Founder was in Europe!