History of the 501st Legion: 2003

In March 2003 PanicStruck Productions, which created the fan film Revelations, asked me for an interview. Here is a capture of the website detailing the interview. Revelations was an amazing ground-breaking fan film helmed by Shane Felux and his dedicated volunteer staff. Not only did they pull off an amazing fan film, but they managed to use stormtroopers and other Imperial characters in a way that showed the 501st could put on a good show.

Member Jay Thompson distances himself from the Legion to begin impartial work on his independent documentary film about the Legion called "Heart of an Empire." Five years later the film is premiered and becomes available on DVD.

June 6, 2003: With Lucasfilm's endorsement, the 501st is invited to march down "Hollywood Boulevard" at Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney's Hollywood Studios) in Orlando, Florida. The parades continue to introduce millions of fans to the Legion during annual Star Wars Weekends celebrations.

Imperial Quartermaster
Greensboro, NC
August 9,10
Greensboro Coliseum

Carolina Garrison broke off from the Southern Garrison in 2003. Sean Dudley as CO made a gutsy move to centralize activities and identity for the Carolina region, and was one of many CO's looking to sub-divide the Legion into Garrisons to better serve the members and the community. Here he is (kneeling) in a group photo of the Carolina Garrison at DragonCon 2003.

DragonCon was the first appearance of the Trooper Groupies, dedicated to celebrating the soldiers of the Empire and adding that extra spirit!