History of the 501st Legion: 2001

2001 : Sins of the Jedi shoot

Dragoncon 2001 - the club began to take shape. This was the first year at Dragoncon where the 501st REALLY started taking off. Every costume imaginable was showing up, people from all over the world made it, and even Planet Hollywood in downtown Atlanta shut down to host us in our first ever 501st mixer complete with a showing of A New Hope on every screen as we dined with Jeremy Bulloch, Dave Prowse, Peter Mayhew and their guests.

Forming up for the first really BIG group photo. Nice shots of the similar costumes grouped together, giving us a good idea how prolific the different categories had become. This was at the Sun Trust building, a standard place for a group photo while at Dragoncon. Notice some of the shots were taken from the ledge to the left, offering a nice view of the groups. Also notice the infamous NEG flag which Lucasfilm later asked us not to use in public as it technically was a defaced American flag and somewhat contraversial (but fun nonetheless).

Marching to Planet Hollywood to take it over!

2001 marked the first time we held a Commanders Meeting, which came to be a long-running tradition at Dragoncon. Every year the CO's or someone appointed to represent their group gather together and hash out the latest goals and issues for the Legion. Take a look at the group photo of the first-ever Commanders Meeting.