Field reports from my time in the Legion...

Richard Fairbrother (nickname 'Mookie') is widely regarded as the founder of the Rebel Legion, while I'm the founder of the 501st Legion. In short, he organized a costuming group based on the good guys from Star Wars while I organized the bad guys. Richard had a TOUGH job starting out, the Rebels just have so many challenges to creating a costuming group. But the Rebel Legion has grown and done well and has some of the best people in it you'll ever find. Thanks to you, Mookie, and all your comrades.

Dinner at Comicon 2003 with Mary Franklin and Steve Sansweet from Lucasfilm. Mary and Steve have been nothing short of incredible in helping the 501st work with Lucasfilm to spread the magic of Star Wars to the fans. Pictured here are (l to r) Mary, Steve, Jeremy Bulloch and his wife, and myself standing. I am not sure who the couple is to the right.

Worldwide Garrisons
The Legion has grown all over the world. I've been fortunate enough to meet members of some of the Garrisons and Outposts, but I'd love to travel and visit them all. Here are pictures from Celebration 3, when several international 501st members converged on Indianapolis, Indiana.

This is my card from the 501st Legion trading card series. During Celebration 2 in 2002, kids would come up to the stormtroopers and ask us for our autographs. We signed with our TK numbers. Before long, the kids were actually collecting all the TK autographs they could find. That's when the idea hit us to create cards and give kids something fun to collect. You can view all the 501st cards by clicking on the card icon.