501st Rose Bowl Parade Lego Diorama Project

The challenge of assembling that many figures is easily off-set by calling on our Legion members to help make this happen. And the value of the project is exceptionally higher knowing that the Legion members worked together to make it happen. The challenge is simple: sponsor a trooper (or Vader, or Officer, or any of the personnel necessary). I will be compiling a wish list and checking it off as we gather the necessary components. Anyone donating a Lego figure will have their names added to the certificate displayed with the diorama. Wherever possible, we'd like the person who marched to write their name on the back (not the head!) of the figure (on condition that it is clearly legible). If you want, cut a small label and affix it to the trooper's back and write your TK number on it. If this is not possible, I will clearly print their name on the back.

List of Sponsors:
Squad Leaders (sponsored 8-12 troopers!)

Line Sergeants (sponsored 3-7 troopers!)
Combat Buddies "Never leave a trooper behind!" - sponsored a trooper and a buddy to show up at the parade! Troopers Paid to get a trooper to the parade!! Donated Trooper Figs:
  • Your name here!

    Please feel free to contact me to regarding proper placement, numbers, names, or corrections at trooper.tk210@gmail.com with the subject line "501st Diorama"

    Together, we can recreate a memorable piece of history!