501st Rose Bowl Parade Lego Diorama Project

To help us with placing the members who marched, I will be using a grid like the one created on the 501st forums by Steve Gray. I will be compiling this over time, but here is what I have so far. If you were in the parade and see any corrections needed, feel free to shoot me an email at trooper.tk210@gmail.com

Alpha Company Grid (reconstructed by me from the 501st Legion forum posts in 2007 following the parade)

Bravo Company (grid from Legion Forums courtesy of Steve Gray)

courtesy of Jon "Blasty" Leopold and friends

with costume types displayed

Roster of Hero Characters (courtesy of Jon Paulson)

Group Photo of Hero Characters (courtesy of Jon Paulson)

Group Photo of Mary Franklin's Elite Squad (courtesy of Lori Sartre)

Please feel free to contact me to regarding proper placement, numbers, names, or corrections at trooper.tk210@gmail.com with the subject line "501st Diorama"

Together, we can recreate a memorable piece of history!