501st Rose Bowl Parade Lego Diorama Project


May 14, 2013: The last three pieces we needed were ordered last week to sit atop the Naboo float: Amidala in her Theed throne room gown, Jedi Luminara Unduli to stand by her side, and perched on the balcony below Padme in her packing dress. This parade is complete! Just in time for George Lucas' birthday!

May 13, 2013: Eduardo Grau TC3506, Fernando Vazquez TK3516, and David Rosales TK3513 of the Spanish Garrison reunited on the last shuttle to the Legion Lego Diorama! Welcome home, troopers!

May 7, 2013: Wave 36 saw Jeroen Swanborn's late arrivals of a spectator and troopers and Drew Weingarth sending in something we need but didn't think to ask for: hair! Dressing up these spectators ain't easy so this makes for a nice touch! Also wave 37 came as a complete surprise as Kai Brodkin reminded us: "Don't count the Twi'Lek's out!" - only a few people realize that there were TWO squads of Twi'Lek dancers at the parade: green (as most people know) AND Orange/Yellow Twi'leks! Well we'd decided to put off doing the second squad of Twi'leks because time was running short - but Kai made it happen! He also sent in some more spectators to add to the crowd. I can't tell you how cool it is to have these girls added to the parade, this will boost the spectacle so much! Thanks so much to all our donors - you make this project happen!

April 11, 2013: Never to late to get in on the party! Drew Weingarth sent in another six spectators (another party crew complete with cups), Kathy Beach sent in two spectators labeled with her name and Imanuel Dijk, Joe Mendenhall sent in a spectator of his own, and Scott Nelson sent in 4 Imperial Shuttle Pilots along with five spectators. Awesome!

March 21, 2013: We're up to wave 34 of incoming volunteers coming off the Imperial LEGO Shuttle and Sean Carmichael finishes us up STRONG with 60 (SIXTY!) more LEGO peeps including noone other than the Village People! He even included LEGO-style lyrics to their biggest songs, so we can all sing along "I like to play with L-E-G-O!" LOL - Sean now accounts for 25% of the entire haul of LEGO people in the stands so he is a titan among donors. Thanks to him and everyone else we're now officially over 600 spectators, our goal for the bleachers, and we are ready to finish up the crowds and get that part completed. Our parade marchers have an awesome crowd to cheer them on - and they're cheering YOU on too if you helped us out. Thanks so much! Now to finish the build!

March 20, 2013: Zam! Pow! Zap! Dave Spencer lit the bat signal and the super heroes are here! Spider-man, Superman, Batman, Hawkeye, and Loki are joined by 43 spectators (looks like a whole IT department and its boss!) - wait, does the bunny-guy and Tarzan count as costumed heroes? Well even better then! 48 more people to sit in the stands and cheer on our troopers. Now to carefully place the heroes for the kids to look for them - 'Where's Waldo' comic-hero style!

March 19, 2013: Drew Weingarth just sent in a party posse of spectators with cups in hand to be in the LEGO diorama. Send us a figure(s) and they can party with these guys!

March 17, 2013: Tom Gardner my CO of Carolina Garrison painstakingly took two clone troopers and was able to mod them to perfection to Cmdr Deviss and Cmdr Bly! So the parade troopers are not 100% complete! Not only that, he took the time to mod an R2-D2 to R2-KT!!! So KT will be at the parade as well (and he even put LEGO cheerios inside b/c our girls put cheerios into KT's slot to 'feed' her when they were little). This is just amazing!

March 12, 2013: Wave 30 came in over a few days and we lumped them together for this release. First off the shuttle were a jawa and biker scout all the way from down under courtesy of Isabella J von Lichtan TB7651 and Sarah L Badcock DZ5687! They even sent in cool custom pics of themselves! Then came a part of our youth outreach, Forrest Plantamura son of Dean Plantamura himself - Forrest sent in six very cool spectators to be a part of the show! Way to go, Forrest - you're our hero. Then an original trooper from the 2007 parade showed up - Gregg Bywater sent in his own 501st clone trooper to represent himself from Bravo Company. Great to have one of the originals in our group. Lastly, but certainly not least, Ashley Broomhall CT3440 sent in 13 of the newer LEGO people figures who will really jazz up the crowd including Marilyn Monroe, a classic pilot (I'd like to think that's my dad), a cyclops, an 80's rock star, a Viking shield-maiden, a barrister, a London guard, and even Batman himself! Be on the lookout for where these guys show up in the crowd!

March 4, 2013: Wave 29 featured some great new volunteers for the parade. Austin Deneff started out strong with 50 spectators to almost fill out one of the new stands which seat 60, so Jorg Aberle from Germany filled the rest of it with nine more spectators. Roy Waung made sure he was in the parade, sending in a white-pauldroned desert trooper like he wore in 2007, along with a stormtrooper, clone trooper, and three more spectators. L Cache (sp?) sent in two spectators that are very distinct: painter guy and crazy Imperial Officer with film camera AND big gun! Marcus Peachey's son, Lucas (age 4!), sent in 5 spectators so HE could be a part of the project - way to go, Lucas! (nice name, by the way). Finally Russell Knox would not be denied: he sent in the TK to represent himself from the parade that he marched in along with the rest of us. Great work, folks!

Feb 26, 2013: Wave 28 - Daniel Dreyer of the German Garrison sent the cutest package featuring a picture of him, his wife Nina, and their little girl on the box which contained Daniel's trooper for the parade, Nina to wave at him in support (which she actually did in the parade!), and 26 spectators! That's 5% of the total spectators we've been shooting for! Right after that Sean Carmichael of the New England Garrison dropped enough figures for ten shuttles - his own stormtrooper from the parade, six more stormtroopers, six more desert troopers, and... (are you ready for this??)... NINETY SIX spectators! Ninety six!! That's almost 1/6 of the entire goal for the spectator quota we're shooting for. DAAAMN! This is getting real! :)

Feb 21, 2013: Wave 27 Christine Wilson sent in two Desert Troopers to join the fun and David Chin sent in another LEGO Imperial Shuttle! Check out the production values now! Meanwhile, we used the parts from the Endor sets being sent in to mock-up the Endor float. Not a great job, but it's a start and a working prototype for how we want it to look so now's the time to start improving on the prototype. We have two builders working on the two floats right now!

Feb 19, 2013: Wave 26 Jeroen and Michell Joosten from the Pacific Outpost sent in two Endor sets with more desert troopers and Rebel commandoes ; Karen Katich sent in Darth Maul, a 327th trooper, and all fifty state flags and a huge lot of international flags! Cheralyn Lambeth sent in four spectators, while Alex sent in 5 biker scouts, 1 desert trooper, 2 snow troopers, and three stormtroopers! KC Carver and Shawn Visey both sent in 25 spectators, a whole crowd in their own right, to join the throng that has gathered. And Alexis Arnold of the Galactic Academy sent in 2 spectators, 2 desert troopers, R2, 3PO, and a Naboo pilot as well as the kits for building the droids' escape pod and the Naboo fighter. What a haul!

Feb 12, 2013: Wave 25 of the incoming troopers for the LEGO Rose Parade Diorama - Jerald W. Olp Jr and Vinessa J Olp sent in Darth Maul, Anakin, and nine spectators; AM James sent in two stormtroopers, Karen Katich sent in Jango Fett, Jay Zarecki sent in his desert trooper, and Jacob Carpenter sent in a REAL LEGO Imperial Shuttle with 10 spectators, 3 desert troopers, and an Imperial officer! Wow! Good work, folks!

Feb 9, 2013: Two biker scouts came in from ebay but were not identified as to the buyer - so whoever you are, thank you! Jake Gularte is a young man in Southern California and friend of trooper Glenn Borst and wanted to help out the project - he sent in a clone trooper and eleven cool spectators! Well done, Jake! Iain and Liz Thomson from the UK sent in 10 stormtroopers and six spectators - more than a whole squad! And Ashley Broomhall from the UK sent in nine Imperial Officers for the drill captains and elite squad AND decals of the Imperial rank bars to add to the shuttle pilots we already have. Thank you everyone! We now have ALL the troopers we need for the parade!

Feb 5, 2013: Incoming paraders! Boussh showed up sporting a thermal detonator while Chris Popham sent in two Stormtroopers and a spectator who looks ready to fix any breakdowns in the floats to be built. Chris Bartlett sent in an R2-D2 in the name of Keith Senna who operated his R2 at the parade, Keith "Zen" Carter sent in a Han Solo to represent him since he was _the_ Han Solo in the parade, and Drew Weingarth sent in a Stormtrooper and a nurse, Cleopatra, a clown, and a Mexican maracca player - Olé!

Feb 2, 2013: Wave 22 came in on the Imperial shuttle and whadya know! Big finish for Phase One! Tom Gardner came all the way down with fellow Carolina Garrison member David Cope to deliver a whopping 25 Stormtroopers, 25 Biker Scouts, 4 Desert Troopers, 2 501st Clone Troopers, R2-D2, C-3PO, Anakin, and young Obi-Wan! Tom and Dave inspected the progress and we're planning a big build party when we secure building material for the stands. They even brought along another Carolina Garrison member's donation: David Jordean and son Scotty donated a stormtrooper and three spectators! And as they were standing in Diorama HQ two more packages arrived: Adam White of the UKG sent in FIFTY spectators for the parade, including none other than Captain Jack Sparrow and Thor the god of thunder! Note the number of security-type guys in the back, looks like the LEGO Rose Parade will have plenty of security on the street! And last but not least our sweetheart Cookie Gheysens from Belgium Prospector Squad sent in three spectators and a stormtrooper representing Stefan Cembolista who actually marched right by my side back in 2007. AWESOME!

Jan 31, 2013: Wave 21 came in on the Imperial shuttle bearing George Langlitz (parade trooper and his family!). We have Mike Langlitz (TK3099), Helena (tolerant wife), Chris, and Nick - followed by George Langlitz TK3100 with Heather (forgiving wife), Vanessa, and Brennan.

Jan 29-30, 2013: Waves 18, 19, and 20 came in rapid succession! First came Bret Lonsway and son Aidan's 3 spectators, Michiko Seto's set from Japan including 2 snow troopers, 1 pink snow trooper (her own custom armor!), and 1 stormtrooper in the name of Kenji Iwao, and Alan Ginsberg and his nephews Collin and James with their 5 spectators and 1 stormtrooper. Then wave 19 crashed in with Bob Merritt's collection of 9 gray Imperial officers, 9 Luke Skywalkers, 2 Emperors, 1 Darth Vader, 1 Boba Fett, 2 ewoks, 2 tusken raiders, and 1 gamorrean guard. Lastly, wave 20 featured 8 green twi'leks we ordered from bricklink, then Jorg Aberle's 4 desert troopers wearing German Garrison pauldrons, and Sebastien Mineau's three spectators named Bob, Mart, and Sam.

Jan 28, 2013: Wave 17 almost broke the Imperial Shuttle! Biggest wave of recruits showing up yet! First the Galactic Academy donated 3 ep3 clones with pauldrons, 1 tie pilot, 1 mace windu, 1 slave leia, and 1 r2d2; then Matthew Le sent in 8 spectators from his own childhood collection; then Stephen Campbell shipped us a whopping 34 spectators. Finally, the order came in from donated funds that were used to purchase 60 stormtroopers to fully stock ALL of Flag Company! We are now only a few stormtroopers, desert troopers, and biker scouts from knocking out ALL THREE COMPANIES of the 501st Legion parade marchers! And the make-shift stands I pieced together are full to over-flowing! We're drowning in LEGO figures here! Julianna was nice enough to put together all of the incoming Stormtroopers, she now says she is their mommy. Salute mommy!

Jan 26, 2013: Ana Soto sent in her little biker scout and Shane Gordon sent in the stormtrooper to represent himself in the parade along with figures representing his family! His wife's parents were actually there watching the parade, so it's special to have them in the crowd! And Shane's wife and kids designed their own figures and labeled them with their names. Pretty cool! We also got a huge 15"x15" gray base plate so this diorama is going to really open up!

Jan 25, 2013: Lesley Farquhar almost crashed the Imperial Shuttle with a huge load of new arrivals: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Bespin Guard, Young Anakin, Clone Trooper, 2 Stormtroopers, and 27 spectators for the stands! And right behind that shuttle came ANOTHER shuttle, this time from Olivier Pintus from the Monaco Outpost, who supplied ALL of the parade troopers from the Italica Garrison and the French Garrison complete with member numbers marking them on the back. Awesome!

Jan 24, 2013: The Imperial Shuttle dropped off two big sets of reinforcements, one from Fletch Arnold that contained FOUR LEGO builder sets containing 4 stormtroopers, 4 biker scouts, and 8 Endor rebel commandos as well as parts for building trees for the Endor float and two spectators for the crowd: Evil Knievel's cousin and a beautiful bride. Meanwhile Gary Sheppke sent in two X-Wing Pilots and 10 spectators for the crowd as well as a huge bag o' LEGO heads that we can use to cheat how many people are in the crowd. Nice! A little creepy holding a tiny bag of heads, but very inventive. :)

Jan 23, 2013: The Imperial Shuttle has landed again today and Malika Andress TB3830 sent a whole cadre of Star Wars figs including 3 stormtroopers, 2 biker scouts, 1 snow trooper, an AT-ST Driver, a Rebel Fleet Trooper, a Hoth Rebel, a Gungan soldier, two battle droids, a gonk, and a mini AT-AT as well as a spectator with attitude! One trooper is there to represent her fellow UKG member Anthony Velda - represent!

Jan 22, 2013: Wave 12 of the incoming LEGO parade attendees: Kathy Schmick Beach sent in George Lucas himself along with three spectators for the crowd, and Bryan Kihlmire sent in a Desert Trooper, 3 Stormtroopers, four Biker Scouts, a Tusken Raider, Yoda, and two civilians. And my daughter Allie sent in a trooper and a gold C-3PO! So what to do but build a spectator booth for George (even though he was sitting in the stands with everyone else, it's more fun to give him a spot where he's more easily showcased). He looks pretty proud of the troopers!

Jan 19, 2013: Muhammed Ozeroglu "Oz" TK734 sent in his TK from the parade and a biker scout buddy! Look at that parade group grow!

Jan 18, 2013: Wave 10 is the biggest yet! Bob Link sent in 1 stormtrooper, 1 biker scuot, 2 rebel commandos; Ian Wilkinson sent in 2 x-wing pilots, 1 boba fett, 2 imp officers (gray), 2 stormtroopers, 1 tie pilot, 1 c3po, 6 civilians; Cheryl Snyder sent in 4 civilians, and Dave Royer AVALANCHED us with 5 stormtroopers, 2 desert troopers, 2 snow troopers, 1 tie pilot, 2 tusken raiders, 1 leia, 1 han, 1 obi-wan, 46 civilians, 4 large base plates, 3 medium base plates, 3 small base plates! *WOW* Wait til you see the next mock-up!!!

Jan 17, 2013: Wave 9 of the arrivals to the LEGO parade: Janet Iannantuono sent in a Stormtrooper and 4 civilians, I got one of the ebay Imperial Officers, and Mel McM's Biker Scout showed up to represent her in the diorama! Awesome!

Jan 16, 2013: Karen Carver and Shawn Hisey sent in Princess Leia! The princess has arrived! A red carpet was rolled out in her honor. She also sent in four of the coolest civilian LEGO people to fill the stands. Meanwhile, Todd Taylor TC9700 sent in his 501st Clone Trooper and Yvette Baker TS3710 sent in her Snow Trooper - both of whom were actually in the parade in 2007! The celebrities keep showing up!

Jan 15, 2013: Parade Landing Zone reports the arrival of 1 Stormtrooper, 1 Biker Scout, and 3 Snow Troopers from Tony Guess TK42779; also reporting 1 Stormtrooper representing Janne Sandin from Sweden, as well as a buddy to sit in the stands!

Jan 14, 2013: 501st LEGO LZ reporting the following incoming parade personnel: 4 Rebel Fleet Troopers and 4 civilians (from Kevin Wu in Malaysia), 1 TK, 1 TB, 1 clone trooper, and 1 shock trooper (from David Chin Golden Gate Garrison), and 8 Imperial Officers (from Yvette Boxer SoCal Garrison). *WOW* 501st members stepping up for the project! Thank you SO SO much! Way to go, this is getting big!

Jan 11, 2013: Iain Thomson of the UK Garrison is gathering up troopers to represent all the blokes from the UK who marched in the parade. Now that's a sharp line-up! The LZ is prep'd for their arrival!

Jan 10, 2013: Olivier Pintus follows up his all-Italian squad with the all-French squad! Representing the six troopers who represented the French Garrison in the parade, these guys are on their way to the LZ to meet up with their fellow troopers for the parade! Thanks, Olivier!

Jan 10, 2013: Troopers for Regina Layug-Rosero and Manny Mendoza from the Philippines arrive, sponsored by the Philippine Bricksters / PHLUG! It's cool seeing the LEGO community come out to support their own. Regina and Manny represented their country in the parade and their country salutes them with their very own troopers at the LEGO Parade! That's how it's done!

Jan 9, 2013: Olivier Pintus rounded up the exact figures to represent the four 501st Members from Italica Garrison who were at the parade - Alberto, Giancarlo, Luca, and Piero never looked so good. Thanks, Olivier!

Jan 7, 2013: Robert Gallegos, Glen Borst, and Dave Johnston as well as two other donors I have to identify (TK from Amazon Rubicon Ent and a TB from Amazon SoCal Sales). We just added 1 Royal Guard, 9 TK's, 3 TD's, 1 TB, 7 Snowies, 8 Clones (one w/ red helmet, one with gold), Chewie, and 3P0!! !

Jan 6, 2013: Cheralyn Lambeth TB0976 signs her TB and places it in the diorama project tub!

Jan 5, 2013: Brett Dennis sent in 2 Royal Guards and Bob Merrit sent in 10 troopers, a biker scout, an officer, two royal guards, and Luke!

Jan 4, 2013: Second set of troopers to show up at the parade marshaling area! Andy Cobb (l) and Edwin Palmero (r) shipping in reinforcements to the LZ!

Jan 1, 2013: First set of troopers to show up at the parade marshaling area!

Please feel free to contact me to regarding proper placement, numbers, names, or corrections at trooper.tk210@gmail.com with the subject line "501st Diorama"

Together, we can recreate a memorable piece of history!