501st Legion Archives: Merchandise Collection

Since its inception, the 501st Legion has been welcomed into the canon Star Wars universe thanks to author Timothy Zahn and the inclusion of the group in the history of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. As a result, the 501st Legion has become a part of several licensed products. This is a thrilling experience to Legion members everywhere, who now feel a part of the Star Wars universe. Below are items that have been collected from the items available on the open market.

At some point in late 2005 / early 2006 a blue clone trooper figure appeared in Japan stores featuring the title "Vader's Legion." This may seem a coincidence, but the bottom of the package left no room for doubt: amid the Japanese lettering, it read "501" in the description. I can only guess they had not secured permission from us yet to use our name and found this description a good compromise.

In July of 2006 Hasbro released a limited edition action figure featuring the 501st Legion stormtrooper! The figure was an exclusive buy at Comicon in San Diego. But Hasbro arranged for 501st members to get their hands on copies of the figure that didn't include the Comicon signage. What made the figures unique was that it included a trading card inside featuring a fictional trooper, and the card's layout design matched those of the Legion's own first card series as designed by club Merchandise Officer Scott Will! The card fit into a little slot in the back and could be removed and replaced with a regular Legion member's card to allow them to personalize the figure to be them! How cool is that? Later there were troopers who recreated the banner and stand inside the package so they could actually pose with it. This was very popular at the Rose Bowl Parade the next year!

In August 2006 Hasbro released another 501st figure, this time the blue-striped clone troopers seen in Episode III. This was part of their Greatest Battles of Episode III collection. This was a nice touch, because not only did it tie the 501st with the scene in the movie with which we were credited, but it completed the connection between the clone troopers and the stormtroopers - the 501st covered it all! Much thanks to Mr. Depriest from Hasbro who helped make this a reality.

2006 Comic Con Exclusive Vinyl 501st Clone Trooper by Medicom
"Medicom Toy Corporation has designed and produced one of the most unique Star Wars collectible lines, the Japanese style VCD (Vinyl Collectible Dolls).

The 501st Clone Trooper stands roughly 8-inches tall, and the stylized caricature sculpture captures the menace, but cuteness, of the Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Clone design perfectly. The figure is highly poseable, and includes blaster. This exclusive Clone Trooper is decorated in the blue markings characteristic of the 501st Legion, Vader´s Fist, the spec ops team that followed Darth Vader in the assault on the Jedi Temple."

This limited edition bobble head was put out by Entertainment Earth at ComicCon 2007.

Star Wars: Unleashed Multi-Figure Battle Packs Order 66 - Vader's 501st Legion by Hasbro

"*These clone troopers, easily recognized by the distinctive blue markings on their armor, are the best the Grand Army the Republic has to offer. Handpicked for their crack marksmanship and flawless tactical execution, the 501st Legion is assigned to assist the young Darth Vader in his first mission – the slaughter of the few Jedi remaining in the temple on Coruscant. Driven on by their own genetic programming and the merciless commands of their Sith master, they storm the Jedi Temple and kill all inside, young and old alike.

Recreate the excitement from one of the greatest Star Wars battles with this set of four miniature-scaled action figures! The Unleashed Epic Battles collection captures the raw emotions of each hero, villain, solder and commander in the heat of battle, with exacting detail. Includes four 501st Legion Trooper figures. *Source: hasbro.com"

2008 Legacy Collection Unleashed Battle Pack 501st Legion C-9

"Execute Order 66! It's the command given all across the galaxy, and Vader's 501st Legion storms into our Photo Archives looking for the remaining Jedi. From Revenge of the Sith to the Unleashed Battle Packs, these troopers are a deadly menace."

January 2008: Star Wars: The Clone Wars 3 3/4 " Figures Exclusives Clone Trooper 501st Legion Walmart exclusive - by Hasbro

Sideshow Collectibles Militaries of Star Wars 1:6 501st Clone Trooper Figure

Hasbro: Episode 3 Greatest Battles - 501st Clone Trooper Figure - (Saga 2 Greatest Hits Carded Clone Trooper 501st C-9)

September 2011: Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Trooper 1/10 Scale Resin Statue
Imported from France! An elite clone trooper special forces unit commissioned by Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars, the 501st Legion became Darth Vader's personal unit during Operation Knightfall, in which the clones helped eradicate all the Jedi in their Temple. This Clone Trooper is shown heavily armed during this Great Jedi Purge. Part of Attakus' Star Wars Elite Collection, the 501st Legion Clone Trooper statue stands 8 5/8" tall, is made of resin, and is limited in production to 1,500 pieces.

The 501st Legion Archives Mission
To gather, preserve, and catalog any material from the long history of the club and make it available to fans and future troopers alike to view and appreciate. On these pages you'll see what items are currently in the Archives. If you or anyone you know has 501st items that help tell the story of Vader's Fist, then consider sharing them with the archives so we can tell the story in whole. Whether it's a standard collectible such as a patch, coin, or card or a memento of the Garrison, Squad, Detachment, or Outpost (fliers, brochures, party favors) then it's a piece of history and we want it.

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Only you can help preserve the history of the greatest Star Wars costuming group to ever assemble!