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The 501st Legion Archives is dedicated to gathering and preserving material from the long history of the club and making it available to fans and future troopers alike to view and appreciate. As Legion Founder, Albin Johnson has the longest and earliest experience with the Legion and has a passion to tell its story. Any inquiries about the Legion archives can be directed to him at trooper.tk210@gmail.com. Any items are welcome - if you are a Legion member then take the time to preserve the coins, cards, patches, pins, or any items (fliers, banners, name badges, pamphlets from events) from your Garrison, Squad, Detachment or Outpost. YOU can tell the story of your Legion. It was no accident that George Lucas himself reviewed our archives while at Celebration V in Orlando in 2010 and was impressed by what he saw. The Legion has a story to tell - can you tell your part of it? Send any items to 300 Braewick Rd Columbia SC 29212. And thank you for making the 501st Legion Archives a richer experience!

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Featured items in the Legion Archives
(1998) The original 501st Squad sign created in 1998 when the unit was finally taking shape and a meeting was planned for the first time at Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA. Albin hoped the sign would make it easier to rally the members and give the group a sense of identity. At the time it was the only thing he could afford to make, using Scott MacArthur's original design and blowing it up far larger than its resolution was designed for. The sign measures 24" x 24" and is mounted on foam board. It was also designed for use when posing with celebrities, to give the group some endorsement. The only time it was used was at Dragoncon in 1998 when Albin stood in line to meet Anthony Daniels. Anthony was less than interested in the request to hold the sign for a picture, so he half-heartedly held one corner before moving on, just as the shutter snapped and captured a clueless Albin holding one corner of a sign and Anthony moving on.

(circa 2001-2004) The original award for the Trooper of the Month. The trophy was made by Rick Stough in North Carolina, using the Riddell mini-helmets and mounting them on simple posts and plaques. Later designs simply cast the front of the helmet and mounted the face onto a vertically-aligned plaque.

Mardi Gras beads (2005) - Legion members in the Louisiana area commissioned to have these beads made up for their first appearance at Mardi Gras in armor. As this was soon after the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, the Legion's presence there was a welcome addition and added to the fun. Who knows what developed from handing these excellent beads out but it was likely fun for everyone.

(circa 2001) Field Operations Manual - This unpublished manuscript was an attempt by a member in Florida to create a comprehensive manual on trooping. The document was created and submitted to then-Legion Commander Albin Johnson for review. At the time such a manual might well have been instrumental in standardizing practices, but it was sidelined for fear of competing with the then-fledgling Legion Charter and creating confusion. Since that time it has remained in the archives.

(2008) Flier for Science of Myth and Imagination event at the Roper Mountain Science Center October 11, 2008 in Traveller's Rest, SC.

(2008) Fan created by the Japanese Garrison as a giveaway at Celebration Japan.

(circa 2003) Leather bracelet created by Ashton Synn of Nightcraft Designs (http://www.ashtonomicon.com). Asthon created a slew of Legion artifacts, most notably a complete recreation of the 501st logo on a sandtrooper pauldron in exquisite detail. Unfortunately the archives could not afford to buy one but we will be on the lookout for one.

(2008) Flier for the 501st Legion Mixer held at Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA.

(circa 2004) Japanese Garrison button.

(circa 2004) personalized button designed as a giveaway by Trooper "Sonny" from the Japanese Garrison.

(circa 2003) Button created by the Carolina Garrison as a giveaway for kids at their events.

The 501st Legion Archives Mission
To gather, preserve, and catalog any material from the long history of the club and make it available to fans and future troopers alike to view and appreciate. On these pages you'll see what items are currently in the Archives. If you or anyone you know has 501st items that help tell the story of Vader's Fist, then consider sharing them with the archives so we can tell the story in whole. Whether it's a standard collectible such as a patch, coin, or card or a memento of the Garrison, Squad, Detachment, or Outpost (fliers, brochures, party favors) then it's a piece of history and we want it.

501st items can be sent to the Legion Archives here:
Albin Johnson
300 Braewick Rd
Columbia, SC 29212

Any inquiries about the Legion archives can be directed to the following email address: trooper.tk210@gmail.com.

Only you can help preserve the history of the greatest Star Wars costuming group to ever assemble!

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